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  St. Peter's Church Draycott, Somerset
  St. Peter's Refurbishment

This year we are delighted to announce the complete refurbishment of our building, in the year that we celebrate the 150th anniversary of our consectraction.

The five-yearly architect's survey of 2006 faced the church with a crisis. The interior was shabby, damp and unwelcoming. Furnishings were old and faded. Heating and electrical systems needed replacement. We faced an estimated £75,000 of work- but we had just depleted all our reserves in replacing the roof...

Then we seemed to have an answer to prayer. We were approached by a collector who offered a significant sum to buy our font, by the renowned Victorian architect William Burges. At first, permission was refused by the Diocese. We took it to a church court, which overturned this ruling. However on a further appeal to the highest church court (the 'Court of Arches') in 2009, the proposal was finally rejected.

Meanwhile we were busy raising funds locally, at a painfully slow rate. We had just sufficient to replace our electrical system, condemned in 2007. Then, in 2010, we had finally collected enough to proceed with the major works of replastering and painting.

It has been an exciting year, and the results are plain to see- a bright clean interior, new carpet and chairs, a building we can be proud of again. The contractors, Corbel, have done an excellent job, and for less than in our first estimates. There has been generosity and hard work from many different quarters, especially from the congregation itself. Some things remain to be done... but our major objectives have been achieved.

And we didn't have to sell our font...

Come and visit us and look around! Why not join us for our 150th birthday celebrations! (programme)

A baptism at St. Peter's Looking towards the altar from the west nave
Baptism 1
Rev Sue, baby Joshua and his mother  
More views of interior... Rood Screen and a school picture - south choir