Minutes of the Parochial Church Council, St. Peter’s Draycott


Held on 23/03/2011 at 8:00 p.m. at 9, Barnett’s Well, Draycott.


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1.      Opening prayers. 1

2.      Attendance, apologies and welcome. 1

3.      Minutes from 18/01/11. 1

4.      Matters arising. 1

5.  Any other business. 2

6.  Items for Decision. 2

6a.  Refurbishment 2

6b.  Anniversary celebrations. 2

6c.  Choir services. 3

6d.  APCM... 3

7.  Items for Discussion. 3

7a.  Worship. 3

7b.  Fabric. 4

7c.  Finance. 4

7d.  School 4

7e.  SoSP. 5

7f.  LMG.. 5

7g.  Website. 5

7h.  Deanery Synod. 5

7i.  Reader news. 6

8.  Items of New Business. 6

8a. Categorisation of the Parish for Parish Share. 6

8b. Diocesan Environmental Committee. 6

9.  Dates. 6

10.  Ending. 6


1.    Opening prayers

Sue opened the meeting with a prayer. Sue Rose took the chair.

2.    Attendance, apologies and welcome


Christine Butler David Cheetham

Richard Dingley  Sylvia Dingley Chris Green

Colette Jeff

Tricia Lumley










Thea Oliver

Sue Rose



Barry Rose

Tricia Heckbert









3.    Minutes from 18/01/11

Minutes were agreed as an accurate record subject to a minor amendment.

4.    Matters arising

16/11/10 – 6a vi. (Shed). Still needs to be secured ACTION: BR to buy a lock.

18/01/11- 6a iv. (Paperwork for grant applications). DC advised that this was not really required- we would not currently be able to justify grant applications as we had been able to afford the works.

18/01/11- 6b ii. (Fire regs and new vestry door). Piers had looked into this- the doorway is wide enough for ambulant disabled (and the WC is not accessible for wheelchair users anyhow).

18/01/11- 6c iii. (Telephone charges). SR still investigating tariffs.
FURTHER ACTION- TO to make some enquiries.

18/01/11- 6c iv. (Printer/photocopier contract). Not progressed.

18/01/11- 7h. (Letter to Sylvia). This had been sent.

5.  Any other business

Items received- 7i.

6.  Items for Decision

6a.  Refurbishment  

i.           Chest of drawers now emptied, disposed of. Wardrobe is empty- can we dispose of it? Seems a pity as it is still OK- do we want it? No! ACTION: Olivers will take it in hand.

ii.         Vestry-  Piers has temporarily paused while he completes other tasks. Having some difficulty with the door. Plank door with wooden surround is fairly available, but might be out of keeping with the church (about £45 in pine, £90 oak). A properly matching door would be quite expensive- £300 plus.
ACTION: Piers to continue to look, but a plank door should be OK.

Piers is hoping to do some plastering this week- choir side first, followed by painting; next the other side. This way we hope the chancel will be fully back in use by Easter.

NB. Paint is ‘honeysuckle’ and new plaster can be matt emulsion, made up by Whitings of Wells. Inside vestry and WC is lower priority and we will do it ourselves, but we will need the right masonry paint (distemper) and this is trickier to get made up. Can we buy it ready mixed from Corbel?
ACTION: DC to look into it.

iii.       Other jobs, including: carpet by entrance (screeding seems to be crumbling and carpet is getting ‘lumpy’); filing cabinet to go in to organise paperwork; lamp shades and window need cleaning; old registers to go to Taunton (NB. the latter are currently in Cheddar).

iv.       Do we want paint highlighting to pick out the arches, as previously suggested? Decided not- we like the simplicity of the present paint scheme.

6b.  Anniversary celebrations

i.           Colette showed us a presentation first given to a meeting of the open garden participants, showing the programme of events between 18th to 29th June. All events were free apart from the open gardens and cream teas.

ii.         Colette also circulated a demo copy of the programme to be sold for open gardens (£5). This will be done in black-and-white as the colour version is so expensive.

iii.       The brochure is still being finalised (paid for by the Cheddar Garden Centre).

iv.       Further details will be in the next copy of the Parish Newsletter.

6c.  Choir services.

i.        DC proposed that we should have a choir for Maundy Thursday and Easter Sunday. Choir practices would generally be Thursday evenings (at the Jeffs), to start next week (31st).
(NB. later amendment after the meeting- the first two Thursdays were not possible and the first two were changed to Fridays- the 1st and the 8th April).

ii.      We would also have a choir for the 19th June, to be a joint benefice service at St. Peter’s. The previous evening (a ‘songs of praise’ evensong) would not have a choir.

6d.  APCM

Date- 17th April. A call for reports.




Electoral Roll



Report on PCC proceedings



Financial report and accounts*



Churchwarden’s fabric report



Deanery Synod report



Ministry Team



Charities report**












Local Ministry Group



House Groups

Audrey Morgan


Web site



Remarks from the Priest in Charge



*Accounts for 2010 had been circulated. TO proposed the PCC accept them, CJ seconded. All were in favour, and the motion was carried.

** The charities committee did not meet as it had no specific monies to dispose of. However a significant amount of charitable giving flows through church accounts and this should be properly acknowledged. DC was requested to summarise this from his accounts.

Note also- we will need to elect church representatives (2) to the Deanery Synod.

7.  Items for Discussion

7a.  Worship 


i.      Easter Services

Monday 18th April: Stations of the Cross ecumenical service, Cheddar Catholic Church

Tuesday 19th: Compline, 8 pm at Rodney Stoke

Wednesday 20th: Compline, 8 pm at Draycott

Maundy Thursday 21st: communion service, 8 pm at Draycott

Good Friday 22nd, day time: three services as per last year, 12 pm at Rodney Stoke, 1 pm at Draycott, 2 pm at Cheddar.

Good Friday 22nd, evening: vigil, starting ?? at Draycott until late.

Holy Saturday 23rd, evening: service 7:30 pm at Cheddar

Easter Sunday 24th, sunrise service at 7 am (egg rolling at Scadden’s farm);
9:30 Holy Communion at Draycott.

ii.    Mothering Sunday 4th April

Friday service to be held at Draycott church with the school at 2:30 pm

Sunday at 9:30.

(CJ- Flowers already orders; posies will be prepared for both services)

Sunday evening- a service to say farewell to Revd. Rupert Bursell at Cheddar
(there is a book for written contributions- this must stay in Cheddar, but we could submit any of our own on a separate sheet or sheets to be included in this book).

7b.  Fabric

i.        Downpipes- non functional pipe by back door to be replaced, and the similar pipe at the other side of the church. Including the round gutter this will come to £1090 + VAT. (Will this include painting? DC not sure).

ii.      Drains- done, but not priced yet.

iii.    Wooden floor in shed- done, not charged yet.

iv.    Re-tiling work to north transept after storm damage- done by Rob Millard
ACTION: CG to write letter of thanks

v.      Garden of Remembrance- this is rather untidy, and has a piece of its chain missing (NB. this has been the case for a long time).
ACTION: PCC to inspect after church one Sunday to see what might be done.

vi.    Bench on path- current one will soon rot. It would be nice to have a proper one.

vii.  Foul water pipe (from WC) - not functioning properly.

7c.  Finance 

i.        C of E deposit fund closed.

ii.      General accounts at Lloyds- £9,696 total.

iii.    Fabric accounts- £4,059. Most will probably go on the drainage works.

7d.  School 

Nikki Devitt’s report was read. Highlights:

i.        Ofsted inspection dates- 24th and 25th March. NB. Very short notice, stressful for staff.

ii.      Special Inspection for Church Schools (SIAS) - to be arranged in the next month. To involve foundation governors.

iii.    Official opening of the Foundation Stage Unit on Tuesday 29th March. Children’s author Eileen Browne will spend the day at school.

iv.    The unit has been taking children since last September and has 17 children, thus breaking even- this has been a great success and will be good for the school and the village.

v.      In their regular services (fortnightly) the children have appreciated the refurbishment, especially the comfy chairs!

vi.    Our attention was drawn to the picture ‘evolving’ at the back of the church, depicting the events of Holy week. SR is doing this with Mars class at Cheddar.

vii.  As well as the Mothering Friday service, there will be an end of term Easter service.

SR added:

viii.          There will be a week of events leading up to Father’s day as part of the King’s Festival. This includes a 400 seat tent. Can we fund a minibus to allow our school to participate (years 3 and 4)? Cost about £70. The PCC agreed.
ACTION: SR to approach Rodney Stoke with the same suggestion, then talk to Cathy Lowe.

Thank-you to Nikki Devitt for all her work with the school.

7e.  SoSP 

i.        Soup lunch last Saturday made £126. Quiz sales are still going- TO printed 160.

ii.      Laurie at the Strawberry Special pub has offered to put on a ‘curry night’ fund raising event for us- we are pursuing this.

iii.    Harvest festival- being planned.

iv.    Strawberry Fayre- TO is on the committee. Planning a bookstall.

v.      The Travel Evening (‘Another Country’) is being planned, with talks and refreshments.

vi.    Thea and dogs will be doing the Wessex Walks as usual!

We thanked TO, TL and the other members of SoSP.

7f.  LMG 

i.        Pulpit exchange- 22nd May (does not involve Draycott- SR will be at Crook Peak).

ii.      Event at Flagstaff farm- 17th July, 3-6 with activities, followed by bring and share tea and an act of worship.

iii.    Social Evening- 19th November in Church House at 7pm. Quiz with fish and chip supper.

7g.  Website 

There has been a problem with the Rodney Stoke part of this (being run by Tim Bibby)- we are meeting next week to try and sort it out. In the meantime you may find it unavailable. The Draycott part is still functioning, though currently still out of date. Normal service will be resumed as soon as possible.

7h.  Deanery Synod 

TL reported that there had been overwhelming support for the election of Women Bishops at the Synod (out of 31 votes there were 2 noes; there were 3 abstentions).

We thanked Sylvia in person for all her contributions through Deanery Synod.

7i.  Reader news

i.        Nikki has now completed her own placement, at Weston General Hospital shadowing the chaplain. This has been very interesting and given her a new perspective on hospitals as well as ministry
ACTION: the PCC requested that she report back to us more fully as we are interested by her experiences.

ii.      There was a full turnout from our parishes for the Reader’s conference at Taunton Racecourse last Saturday- led by Gordon Wenham, and dealing with the books of Moses plus the Psalms.

8.  Items of New Business

8a. Categorisation of the Parish for Parish Share.

We had been allowed to go down a category to ‘d’ last year, due to exceptional expenses incurred by our refurbishment project. SR had backed us on this but cannot justify it this year.

RD proposed that we accept the ‘c’ category; TO seconded; all agreed. The motion was adopted.

8b. Diocesan Environmental Committee.

CB was on this committee, which had asked parishes whether they were interested in going on a list to be considered for installation of photovoltaic cells. The meeting agreed for her to put our name on the list.

9.  Dates

10.  Ending

The meeting finished with the Grace.

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