Minutes of the Parochial Church Council, St. Peter’s Draycott


Held on 18/01/2011 at 8:00 p.m. at 9, Barnett’s Well, Draycott.


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1.      Opening prayers. 1

2.      Attendance, apologies and welcome. 1

3.      Minutes from 16/11/10. 1

4.      Matters arising. 1

5.  Any other business. 2

6.  Items for Decision. 2

6a.  Drains and guttering. 2

6b.  Vestry plans. 2

6c.  Clergy expenses. 3

6d.  150th Anniversary celebrations. 3

7.  Items for Discussion. 3

7a.  Worship. 3

7b.  Fabric. 4

7c.  Finance. 4

7d.  School 4

7e.  SoSP. 4

7f.  LMG.. 4

7g.  Website. 4

7h.  Deanery Synod. 5

7i.  Reader placements. 5

8.  Items of New Business. 5

9.  Dates. 5

10.  Ending. 5


1.    Opening prayers

Sue opened the meeting with a prayer. Tricia Heckbert took the chair.

2.    Attendance, apologies and welcome


Christine Butler David Cheetham

Chris Green

Tricia Heckbert

Colette Jeff

Tricia Lumley








Thea Oliver

Barry Rose

Sue Rose



Richard Dingley  Sylvia Dingley








3.    Minutes from 16/11/10

Minutes were agreed as an accurate record.

4.    Matters arising

13/07/10 – 6. Newsletter. Paper is being collected by Megan and taken directly to the office in Cheddar.

08/09/10 – 7. Quadron access to churchyard (Pending attention by TO).

16/11/10 – 6 iv. (Radiator painting). Done by Gordon Jeff and DC- thank you!

16/11/10 – 6a vi. (Shed). Now erected, housing some of our effects. Needs to be secured and the floor sealed. ACTION: BR to buy a lock (combination?). We have to wait for warmer weather for the painting.

16/11/10 – 6a vii. (Picture of church by school children). CG had written a letter welcoming the gift, but not received a reply. We are happy to wait for it- NB. It will be a good feature for our birthday celebrations.

16/11/10 – 6d. (Concert) We did our own lighting, and these are still installed.

16/11/10 – 7a. (Microphone batteries). CG had bought a battery tester- in the microphone box. After testing, one of the radio microphone batteries was replaced.

16/11/10 – 7b. (Window cleaning). Too early!

16/11/10 – 7h ix. (School agreement for 150th anniversary celebrations). Done.

5.  Any other business

No other items received.

6.  Items for Decision

6a.  Drains and guttering  

i.           Soakaway has been installed and is working well.

ii.         The French drain has been put in, which is satisfactory although not as wide as we had thought it would be. The stones used are not large enough and will be replaced. Also it does not extend around the outside of the organ chamber- but this may not be a problem.

iii.       Downpipes are still a problem, especially with the downpipe by the door off the north transept, which is blocked. It should have been done by West Country Tiling but was missed. The guttering also needs mending in that part of the roof. Priority is to replace the pipe.
ACTION- DC will look into it.

iv.       Grants for works. English Heritage should be approached, but we don’t know where the paperwork is for the previous applications- in the Cheddar office?
ACTION: SR to look for the paperwork and hand it over to CG.

6b.  Vestry plans

i.           Plans from Piers had been circulated and were the basis of these discussions

ii.         Previous plan- two doors, one into chancel and one into church. Piers has changed his mind and now suggest a single door, to allow bracing. The current radiator can stay. We agreed. NB. the door needs to be wide enough for fire regulations
ACTION: SR will get Piers to check fire regs.

iii.       Do we need to move the safes from the south to the north transept? We decided not to on the grounds of space- the north transept is getting crowded.

iv.       We had said we would empty the south transept, but the chest is out of sight and can stay.

v.         The vestry walls will increase security, as the boiler and vestments will not be open to the rest of the church. The door will probably have a Yale type lock, with a key needed from the church side. NB. We will have to remember to keep this unlocked when the church is in use.

vi.       Painting the loo- the paint is very flaky but the loo is not too damp. We should be able to do this ourselves.

vii.     Piers has to complete a job in the vicarage, then will get on with this one.

viii.   TH proposed that we accept the plans as they were, TO seconded. All were in agreement.

6c.  Clergy expenses.

i.        David introduced the summary of expenses for the last 6 months, presented for us to pay our share. NB. CB pointed out that they did not include the last 3 months of her own expenses.

ii.      We were concerned at the high level of some of the items- in particular, for telephones and photocopier. Can we think of ways they might be reduced?

iii.    On the telephone charges, SR explained that there were separate lines to the two houses (ie. SR and CB), and both had broadband. Half of SR’s broadband tariff was charged to the parishes, and ¾ of CB’s, reflecting the proportion of usage on church business.
ACTION: SR and CB will confer on whether both need broadband at the church office, also on whether a better telephone package may be available.

iv.    Photocopying accounted for £796 in the period, which does not cover the magazine or pew notes. How is this possible? SR is not sure, but it must be down to the leasing contract.


v.      SR assured us she did not need to print any more books, except possibly for special occasions.

vi.    SR had already decided that there was insufficient benefit from having secretarial help, and so this experiment will end, thus saving some money.

6d.  150th Anniversary celebrations

i.        BR circulated a provisional schedule of events.

ii.      We discussed whether the Alan Rowntree talk would be held in the school (window blinds, but no hearing loop) or the church (loop, but no blinds). It may be possible to rig up blinds in the church.

iii.    Sponsorship- Cheddar Garden Centre is sponsoring the brochure.

iv.    Lunchtime refreshments will be provided where youngsters are involved.

v.      We should not need to lay on a tea for the bishop’s visit ourselves, as there will be cream teas in the village.

7.  Items for Discussion

7a.  Worship 

i.        We had had several compliments over the coloured lights. Our thanks to Paul in the post office. NB. they are still up, and we need somewhere safe to store them. Not the shed!

ii.      Review of Christmas services- were there perhaps too many unusual carols in the Midnight service? SR who chose them had not realised that they were not known! DC and Nikki Devitt were thanked for their careful planning and execution of the carol service, which was well attended especially considering the weather. Carols in the Strawberry Special were very successful, and may well become a fixture.

iii.    We were given notice of a start-to-finish continuous reading of the KJV of the Holy Bible, to take place in Axbridge church between 29th April and 2nd May. If anyone is interested in taking part, please contace CB.

iv.    Should we use the KJV more for readings? BR thought it would be especially suitable for prayer book services. NB. when using BCP we could take the set readings for the day, but use the KJV translation. No decision was taken on this.

7b.  Fabric

Mainly covered already. NB. the gas pipe has not yet been renewed.

7c.  Finance 

There is still £3,000 in the fabric fund, but this is spoken for. We will need to ‘borrow’ funds from the general fund, as previously agreed.

However DC says we should take heart from the fact that last year we have a) carried out extensive church refurbishment, within our budget; b) at the same time have met our other obligations (such as parish share) in full, and c) have also given away a great deal in charitable donations. This is all without selling the font, and without paying out the large sums that were suggested as necessary at the previous quinquennial survey.

7d.  School 

BR has been in touch about the Anniversary celebrations.

CB will be visiting the school.

7e.  SoSP 

i.        SoSP are to oversee and co-ordinate the cream teas in the anniversary celebrations.

ii.      There will be a soup lunch in Lent (perhaps 19th March), and a quiz.

iii.    Harvest festival- proposed the 2nd October (Sunday). Harvest supper idea- how about bringing gifts for the Sisters of the Church to a harvest supper on the Saturday night, which could then be used to decorate the church. We would have a meal and some entertainment.

iv.    We may have a cheese and cider event together with FoSL.

v.      We may also have a Travel Evening, with talks and refreshments.

vi.    Mothering Sunday- Mendip Players have something planned. ‘Mothering Friday’ will take place in school as in recent years.

7f.  LMG 

i.        Marriage preparation- will happen in February.

ii.      Intercession workshops will come up- to be announced.

iii.    Pulpit exchange will also come up, although NB. Ken Brown still unwell.

iv.    Event at Flagstaff farm- 17th July.

7g.  Website 

i.        After some technical problems following a change of hosting service, this is now fully functional. It is much easier to upload material. NB. This is now a paid-for service, unlike the previous one which was free. Currently Tim Bibby is financing it.

ii.      The Draycott part of the site needs to be updated to reflect the refurbishment. CG asked if anyone had any good pictures that they could share. (A suggestion- Alan Rowntree may have pictures, or be prepared to take them).

iii.    The Rodney Stoke part of the site has been taken in hand by Tim Bibby and now has much more material on it.

7h.  Deanery Synod 

There had not been any synod meeting since the previous PCC.

We used this item to discuss RD’s announcement, that Sylvia Dingley would not be attending further Deanery Synod meetings, and was also withdrawing from the PCC.

The PCC wanted to say the warmest ‘thank you’ for all she has done for the church over so many years, and to express our best wishes for her ‘retirement’.
ACTION: CG to write to Sylvia on our behalf.

7i.  Reader placements

·         CG had taken time in November and December to attend St. Stephen’s, Southmead, Bristol, in a ‘Readership Placement’- part of his course of Readership training. He reported back to the PCC on his experience.

·         He had taken part in a range of activities over 6 weeks, including preaching, leading worship, intercessions, participating in a bible study group and an Advent meditation.

·         Once a certain reserve had been broken down he had been received very warmly by the congregation. Although the liturgy and service format were familiar, the social and ethnic mix of the population was quite different from the villages in the Cheddar valley,

·         CG shared some of his experience in assisting in the healing ministry, consisting in anointing with oil as part of the communion service, together with a prayer. Those who came forward were not evidently ill, and it led to reflection on what kind of healing people are seeking in this context. Starting from a position of doubt, he found it to be a moving experience. Perhaps we could try this in Draycott?

·         Nikki has just started her own placement, with the chaplain at Weston hospital.

8.  Items of New Business


9.  Dates

10.  Ending

The meeting finished with the Grace.

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