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Held on 21/10/2010 at 7:300 p.m. in Church House, Cheddar; then in St. Peterís Church, Draycott.

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PART A: Church House, Cheddar. 1

1.††††††† Chris Butler- training.. 1

2.††††††† Sue on Synod.. 1

3.††††††† Fairtrade.. 1

4.††††††† Benefice feedback.. 1

PART B: St. Peterís, Draycott. 2

5.††††††† Attendance, apologies and welcome.. 2

6.††††††† Minutes from 08/09/10.. 2

7.††††††† Refurbishment. 2

9. Dates.. 3


PART A: Church House, Cheddar

This was a joint meeting of St. Andrewís, Cheddar, St. Leonardís, Rodney Stoke and St. Peterís, Draycott. The full minutes are available from Cheddar.

Main points:

1.        Chris Butler- training

This was a plea that CBís training required documentation from time to time, and Churchwardens will need to write reports.

2.        Sue on Synod

Sue Rose has stood for General Synod, and been elected. There will be 3 days in November (from 22nd November), 5 days in February and some days next July. No expenses required from us.

3.        Fairtrade

Ann Wait and Alison Jeffries met over re-starting a Fairtrade stall, with stock to be purchased across the joint benefice. They ask for vounteers for ordering, storing and running the stalls. Alisonís daughter Abigail has already volunteered, but others will be needed. Stalls should happend at about one per month per parish. We hope to start in the New Year.

4.        Benefice feedback

We split into a number of groups (mixed parishes) and considered how we thought the joint benefice was performing, and how it might be improved. The groups were positive, but did not think that we should either amalgamate PCCs or have more frequent joint benefice services.


PART B: St. Peterís, Draycott

5.        Attendance, apologies and welcome


David Cheetham

Richard Dingley Sylvia Dingley Chris Green

Tricia Heckbert Colette Jeff

Barry Rose










Christine Butler Thea Oliver

Tricia Lumley

Sue Rose







6.        Minutes from 08/09/10

The minutes from the previous meeting were taken as read.

7.        Refurbishment

David had previously circulated a list of items, which had been agreed apart from deferred decisions on:

Boards for the children's work (Chris will ask Nikki for her input on this)

The new vestry. We were agreed in principle on the idea of cupboards for vestments etc in the boiler room, but we need to ask Sue and Piers for more information on their plans.††

David had the following requests on the forthcoming working party (church at 10.00 on Saturday)

All. Please come armed with dusters and possibly a more powerful Hoover. We people to carry the furniture about, and it all needs a good dust.††

Colette: Please ask Heather about the two needlework projects and see what she thinks.

Tricia: Please ask the tax office about VAT as soon as possible.

Barry: Brian Hooper will do the organ tuning at 8.30 on Saturday 30th.

Richard: Please ask your carpenter friend for his thoughts on the long pew.!††

Thea: Quadron found it impossible to get into the churchyard with their mower as the locks have been changed on the glebe field. They had to do all the grass with strimmers. I think they could possibly get a small mower in through the school lane gate. Please ask Mendip about their policy on collecting grass cuttings. If Quadron were to collect and bag the cuttings, we could take them to the dump. You might also like to check that Mendip would have no objection to our putting up a shed under the big tree where no grass will grow. I don't think they have any right to object, since the churchyard remains our property, but I think it is as well to check.

The following was also discussed:

Notice boards. We will not paint these, but CJ will put fabric over them. Those we are not going to use immediately will be stored. The red notice board will be on hooks.

The chandelier is not now moving, nor is the pulpit.

We need publicity ahead of our grand opening- Gordon has offered to do some notices to distribute around, and Barry Rose will contact Miles to get a picture in the Cheddar Valley Gazette.

The PCC thanked David for such dedication and leadership in our church refurbishment project. We can already see the transformation of the church, and it would not have happened without him.


9. Dates

Next PCC meetings- Tuesday 16th November and Tuesday 18th January.

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