Minutes of the Parochial Church Council, St. Peter’s Draycott


Held on 13/07/2010 at 8:00 p.m. at 9 Barnett’s Well, Draycott.

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1.      Opening prayers.. 1

2.      Attendance, apologies and welcome.. 1

3.      Minutes from 04/05/10.. 1

4.      Matters arising.. 1

5.  Any other business.. 2

6.  Church newsletter. 2

Special item with Alison Jeffries.. 2

7.  Items for Decision.. 2

7a.  Proposal to close the church during refurbishment. 2

7b.  Covenant secretary.. 3

7c.  Secretarial help/ book grant.. 3

7d.  Richard Dingley licensing.. 3

7e.  Notice for car park.. 3

7f.  Diocesan directory.. 3

8.  Items for Discussion.. 3

8a.  Worship.. 3

8b.  Fabric.. 3

8c.  Finance.. 3

8d.  School. 3

8e.  SoSP... 3

8f.  LMG.... 3

8g.  Hymn Practices.. 3

8h.  Children’s Society.. 3

8i.  Frequency of PCCs.. 3

8j.  Flower cupboard.. 3

8k.  Trees.. 3

9.  Items of New Business.. 3

9a.  Events for the 150th celebrations.. 3

10.  Dates.. 3

APPENDIX- Corbel quotation.. 3


1.        Opening prayers

Sue opened the meeting with a prayer. Tricia Heckbert took the chair.

2.        Attendance, apologies and welcome


David Cheetham

Sylvia Dingley Chris Green

Tricia Heckbert Colette Jeff

Tricia Lumley








Thea Oliver

Barry Rose

Sue Rose

Christine Butler

Richard Dingley*


*NB. arrived later








3.        Minutes from 04/05/10

The minutes were agreed as an accurate record, subject to minor changes.

4.        Matters arising

14/05/10 – 6d. (Faculty. The Corbel quotation had been received by DC, and circulated to PCC members by e-mail on Monday 7th June, with a request for all responses to go to the PCC secretary by e-mail (as the deadline was short). CG had received replies from all PCC members, and all were in favour. We therefore requested DC to proceed with the faculty application on the basis of the works described in this quotation (text reproduced in Appendix).

14/05/10 – 7 b. (Viewing of other Corbel sites). BR visited Bishop’s Lydeard where Corbel has completed some works. There was some peeling of paintwork evident, but due to previous inappropriate finishes applied.

14/05/10 – 7 c. (Parish return). Done

5.  Any other business

(4 new items accepted as 7g, 8i, 8j and 8k; item 7c extended to cover book grant).

6.  Church newsletter

Special item with Alison Jeffries 

Alison (joint editor with husband Michael Taylor) introduced the piece by giving her vision for the newsletter. It should be a vehicle for outreach to the community, not just as a ‘house magazine’. We were all encouraged to contribute.

From initial discussion, we agreed that the magazine was going in the right direction and contained an excellent range of material. On the downside, some had regretted the reduction in ‘humorous’ pieces, and for the moment the newsletter is losing money. Alison needed clarification over the last point, which surprised her.

ACTION: DC to let Alison know the cost breakdown

Currently the church office printing is very labour intensive, although Alison was worried about the inflexibility of the Kings of Wessex alternative. Would we permit some slippage in the completion and distribution, with distribution on the 1st Sunday of the month (instead of the previous one)? All agreed- it does not matter as long as it is consistent and we all know.

ACTION: CJ to let Heather Robinson know, who will then inform other distributors.

On balance it would be better for printing to go back to Kings of Wessex, perhaps with us providing paper, as previously.

ACTION: SR to ask Kings of Wessex

There was discussion on whether we should be publishing all the material to the website, in view of copyright issues. If Alison had any doubts we would just publish the rotas. NB. We were telling advertisers that we were publishing on line, so the advertisements probably should go into the web version.

It was important for copies to be available not only in St. Peter’s and St. Leonard’s, but also in St. Andrew’s Cheddar. We should also have the Cheddar one available in our churches.

The PCC thanked Alison for her hard work and professionalism, and congratulated her and Michael on producing an excellent church newsletter.

7.  Items for Decision

7a.  Proposal to close the church during refurbishment  

It would not be possible to conduct services during the proposed refurbishment; therefore DC proposed that the church be closed. Depending on timing, we might be able to use the school hall (although this is also being refurbished in August) N.B. The bishop will need to give permission for the church to be closed.

After discussion all agreed, noting that we should use the school if possible, as not putting on a service for a period may lead some to cease attending altogether.


  1. SR to write to the bishop to ask his permission for church closure.
  2. CG to write to the insurers informing them of the proposal to close the church.

7b.  Covenant secretary 

We still have a vacancy for covenant secretary. TH was prepared to take on part of this role, preparing the tax returns. We still need someone to do the visiting element.

MOTION- Tricia Heckbert be appointed to covenant secretary, for the parts of the role that she felt able to fulfil. Proposed- DC; Seconded- CJ. All were in favour; motion carried.

7c.  Secretarial help/ book grant.

It has been suggested that SR has to spend too much of her valuable pastoral time on administrative tasks, and this situation would improve if we provided her with secretarial assistance. One option would be to hire a part-time administrative assistant. Rod Pring (Cheddar churchwarden) knew of someone suitable (a recently retired school secretary). He had proposed that we employ her for 4-5 h per week, at £12 per hour, costs to be shared between the parishes on the usual pro rata basis- duties to include typing, rotas, filing, making appointments and other such tasks. The initial period would be 6 months after which it would be reviewed.

In discussion we agreed that secretarial help was probably needed, but several of us thought the proposed £12 rate was too high. Somerset County Council would pay £8 ph.

ACTION: CG to reply to Rob Pring with our approval in principle but querying the hourly rate.

On the topic of book grants, it is usual for a curate to be given a book grant of £100 per year from the parish or benefice. Would we agree to pay our share of £20?

MOTION- the PCC pay £20 towards Christine Butler’s book grant. Proposed: BR; seconded TO; all were in favour. Motion carried.

7d.  Richard Dingley licensing.

RD has applied for relicensing to the parish, for which PCC agreement is needed.

MOTION- Richard Dingley’s license as Reader should be renewed for the parish of Draycott. Proposed: TO; seconded DC; all were in favour. Motion carried.

7e.  Notice for car park.

We discussed the possibility of a notice in the car park to discourage non-church use on Sundays. We cannot word this very strongly as the land belongs to the diocese and currently neither the church nor the school pays any rent for it. However we risk being crowded out of the car park by resident parking, and residents may be blocked in by us.

The following text was agreed:

Warning- in use for church car parking during church service times.

ACTION: TO has an A3 laminator and will produce a notice.

7f.  Diocesan directory.

These are now out- we need to buy at least one. This could be left in the church for sharing.

ACTION: SR to buy one and charge the PCC.

8.  Items for Discussion

8a.  Worship 

First Sunday of Sept (5th). The start of our special services. We will have a said 8am Eucharist at St. Peter’s (subject to decorators). The evening event will be 6pm. Chris, Christine, Thea, Sue and Nikki Devitt will meet to discuss the format and content of the evening service.


  1. SR to arrange a meeting with the other subcommittee members
  2. TO will write a piece for the magazine.
  3. All of us must take ownership and encourage friends and neighbours to come along.

It was suggested that we use the main altar sometimes rather than the nave altar. This would be most suitable for our 8am services, where the congregation would probably sit in the choir.

8b.  Fabric 

The DAC require us to consult George Chedburn over several matters:

  1. Insurance- this should be adequately covered between Corbel and us
  2. Colour
  3. Consult re. rising damp

The last is the most involved. Have we been adversely affected by Mendip District Council tarmacking our paths? GC needs to pronounce if we have a case, before pursuing this.

8c.  Finance 

£12,450 in fabric fund, and £11,471 in general fund. NB. there are some significant bills in the pipeline, including SR’s Q1 expenses.

8d.  School 

Nothing particular to report. They are under pressure due to a long-term sickness in staff.

8e.  SoSP 

The cream tea event took place as planned.

The next event planned was the Jumble Sale for 25th September- in magazine.

We have also arranged to hire out the church for several sessions to a ‘hypnotherapist’ group, at £40 per session.

8f.  LMG 

·                                    Messy church- October 9th.

·                                    Pulpit exchange - Ken Brown on 21st November.

·                                    Wedding preparation- Feb 19th.

·                                    Supper evening with Nicola Sullivan at Biddisham church hall- baked potatoes and puddings. Tuesday 9th November at 7:30.

8g.  Hymn Practices 

Not for September due to decoration.

8h.  Children’s Society 

Trish Lumley has agreed to take this on from Linda Whittle. Thanks from us all to both.

ACTION: CG to write letter of thanks to Linda.

8i.  Frequency of PCCs 

We are aiming at bimonthly meetings. An extra meeting will be held for the 3 parishes- part social, part joint business- then we will break out into separate parishes for individual meetings. The first of these joint meetings will be Thursday October 21st in Cheddar church rooms.

8j.  Flower cupboard 

A plea from flower ladies- please make sure there is enough space for flower accessories in the new arrangements!

8k.  Trees 

Tree pollarding- this has gone quiet, but we cannot allow it to be ignored.

ACTION: TO to get on to Mendip District Council.

9.  Items of New Business

9a.  Events for the 150th celebrations

We would like to have a week-long festival, to include different activities such as open gardens, concerts and anything else we can think of. Gordon and Colette willing to join.


  1. CJ to organise meeting-suggest that Barry, Christine and Murray might join.
  2. SR will press the bishop’s office

NB. Ordinations are the 1st Saturday in July (Christine Butler!)

10.  Dates

Next PCC meetings- Wed 8th September, Tuesday 16th November and Tuesday 18th January.

Next joint PCC meeting on Thursday 21st October.

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APPENDIX- Corbel quotation

David Cheetham mailed PCC members on 7th June 2010 re. the Corbel quotation.

This is the main text of the e-mail:

1. The total is £8020.
With VAT, this comes to £9423.50. VAT should be recoverable, provided everything is completed before the end of March 2011.
It is highly
likely that the refund scheme will then be terminated.

2. We have something over £12000 in the Fabric Fund. (Actually £12333.34)

3. We are seeking a faculty to do all this work - if subsequently we choose not to carry out any part of it, that is no loss. There may be a charge for a faculty, though the literature does state “Normally there is no charge to the parish for a Faculty in this Diocese”.
Barry is making a trip to view some of Corbel's earlier projects.

4. This quotation does not of course include moving the pulpit.
Nor does it include painting the porch nor the radiators, but I'm sure they could be added if we thought it desirable. I had imagined that St Peter’s people might like to
“own” the work by doing some of it themselves. At no time have we envisaged repainting the plaster ceiling, which will have to be left to a later phase of the project, if at all.

5. We need a formal agreement from the PCC before we make the faculty application. The deadline for the application is 14th June. Please reply to Chris right away.

6. In case anybody thinks that there must be a good reason why Corbel’s quote is so much less than Ellis’s, I can point to two factors. Ellis were going to fill the church with scaffolding, whereas Corbel consider it can all be done by “Cherry picker”. Ellis were going to remove every scrap of paint from the walls and selectively repaint the plaster only, leaving the carved stonework exposed. To be honest, Ellis were going to do it “their way”. Corbel are much more open to compromise.

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