Minutes of the Extraordinary Parochial Church Council, St. Peter’s Draycott


Held on 05/11/2009 at 8:00 p.m. at 9 Barnett’s Well, Draycott.


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1.      Opening prayers.. 1

2.      Attendance, apologies and welcome.. 1

3.      For discussion and action.. 1

3a.  Spirituality.. 1

3b.  School. 1

4.      Minutes of 13/10//09.. 2

5.      Other business, including matters arising.. 2

5a.  Vicar’s appointment expenses.. 2

5c.  Fabric- miscellaneous.. 2

5d.  Church Newsletter. 2

5e.  Christmas arrangements.. 3

5f.  Curate.. 3

6.      Dates.. 3

7.      Closing prayer. 3


1.        Opening prayers

Chris opened the meeting with a prayer. Sue Rose took the chair.

2.        Attendance, apologies and welcome


David Cheetham

Chris Green

Colette Jeff

Tricia Lumley Thea Oliver

Barry Rose








Sue Rose

Victor Skinner



Richard Dingley

Sylvia Dingley Tricia Heckbert









Nikki Devitt was also in attendance, by invitation.

3.        For discussion and action

The meeting was called principally to discuss the items under this section, which was therefore taken before the ordinary business of the meeting (see below). Nikki left before item 4.

3a.  Spirituality

This arose from a sermon (“Evangelism in our spiritual age”). NB. We must be careful not to confuse mission with spirituality.

We need to find ways to deepen our spirituality- an idea was suggested by Gordon, for a benefice retreat or away-day with some follow-up afterwards.

The ministry team should look at Lent for a course on prayer.

How about some appropriate articles and/or book reviews in the Church Newsletter? Approach Gordon to contribute (he has done so before!). Nikki also expressed her willingness.

3b.  School

Sue had been invited to preside at the school harvest festival, and found the church to be full… but school had provided the whole service, and there had not been much about God! How do we engage with the children? (and their parents).

The church needs to have a stronger presence in services involving the school. Nikki pointed out that this experience was not typical, and that there was plenty about ‘God’ in the regular Wednesday assemblies. Normally she decided on the content and wrote the prayers in consultation with the head, to ensure it followed the themes of the RE syllabus- Sue undertook to participate when she was next able.

What kind of services would appeal? Christenings could be a draw for children. Also more people from the Sunday service could be there on Wednesdays.

Cathy Lowe was very responsive to ideas for deepening the connection with the church, according to Nikki. Sue wanted to set up a meeting with her and Nikki. (ACTION: SR to mail Cathy and copy in Nikki).

As a rule we should aim for one big church/school event per term. Candlemas next term?

A reminder that there would be a Saturday afternoon tea with children and families the weekend before Christmas.

4.        Minutes of 13/10//09

Minutes of the 13/10/2009 meeting were taken as read (to be agreed next PCC).

5.        Other business, including matters arising

5a.  Vicar’s appointment expenses

David had received a bill from Cheddar for our share in expenses. This includes the expenses of the appointment, and totals about £700.

There was discussion when it was pointed out that this sum included £135 for the previous abortive attempt at appointment. This failed through no fault of our own, and should have been stopped at an earlier stage by the diocese, which blocked it in the end in the light of information never shared with ourselves. However the other churches involved have already paid in full, which weakens our position. It is also to be remembered that we are bearing a relatively small part of the overall burden. It might be a principled action, but risks appearing petty.

The motion was put that we pay the £700 (proposed TO, seconded DC)

An amendment was tabled that we deduct £135 from our parish share for the year (proposed BR, seconded VS).

We first voted on the amendment- 2 in favour, 5 against. The amendment was therefore defeated.

Next we voted on the substantive motion. There were 5 in favour, 2 against. The motion was carried, and David was asked to pay the £700 to Cheddar.

5c.  Fabric- miscellaneous

The radiator that was cold is now working.

We are progressing our plans for the chancel lighting without involving the Patches.

5d.  Church Newsletter

We had received a request for ideas on this from Alison Jeffries, the new co-editor.

Humorous pieces. Alison was not keen on these, but the opinion was expressed that there are appreciated in some quarters (e.g. Jane Thurmond takes them to the Westbury Day Centre).  We would be prepared to continue to supply suitable (?) material.

Advertisers. Based on current practice, this should be charged at £35 for 10 issues, paid in advance in February.  NB. Few people paid last year after being billed in arrears. ACTION: DC will send bills to be settled in February for the advertisements to appear from April.

Price. Please put this on the front cover- staying at 40p for the time being.

Content. The following ideas were expressed:

·             Youngsters should be encouraged to contribute

·             Wanted/ for sale/ ‘freecycle’ section

·             Gardening tips

·             Community needs

·             Letters to the Editor

·             Book reviews

·             Recipes

·             Competitions.

Printing: SR will talk further with DC. It should be cheaper to do this at the Cheddar church office on their new copier. Let Kings of Wessex carry on until the end of the year, then switch the printing from February onwards.

School content: Talk with Nikki and Steve.

Photos? NB. the restrictions over publishing photographs of children.

Gardening tips- try David Sheldon

ACTION: DC will communicate our ideas to Alison, with our grateful thanks for taking this on. NB. These ideas should be seen as ‘helpful suggestions’, editorial control will rest with the new editors. Price, and church diary and rotas are the only real fixtures.

(Further ideas could be discussed at our next PCC.)

5e.  Christmas arrangements

The carol service is 6 pm on 20th December. Hymn practice to take place on 22nd November.

Carol singing on the 13th December at Sealey Close and The Laurels- we discussed the timing. Revised times of 3pm and 4pm respectively were agreed.

CG is getting in touch with Helen Dance to let her know the service rota, for inclusion in the next issue of Parish News (NB. copy date is 20th November).

Thanks to Richard Oliver for putting up the Christmas lights early (for Thea’s party)- saving Chris and Nikki a job!

5f.  Curate

SR informed us that a curate was probably starting in June. His or her working expenses will need to be met by the parishes on the usual pro rata basis.

6.        Dates

Next PCC- date 15th December (Tuesday) at 8pm. We have accepted the kind offer of Victor and Rita Skinner.

7.        Closing prayer

The meeting was closed with the Grace.

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