Minutes of the Parochial Church Council, St. Peter’s Draycott


Held on 30/06/2009 at 8:00 p.m. at 9, Barnett’s Well, Draycott.

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1.      Opening prayers.. 1

2.      Attendance, apologies and welcome.. 1

3.      Minutes of previous meeting.. 1

4.      Arising, actions.. 2

6 b         Parish Newsletter. 2

6 c         Inventory.. 2

6 d         Light in kitchen - fixed.. 2

6 f          Roof fund name change (APCM). 2

6 g         School Governors (reappointment of Mark Rickard as foundation school governor). 2

6 h         Lectern microphone.. 2

5.      Any other business.. 2

6.      Items for Decision.. 2

6 a         Church Cleaning.. 2

6 b         Electrical work.. 2

6 c         New service times.. 2

6 d         Parish Newsletter. 2

6 e         Children’s Society account.. 3

6 f          Chalice permissions.. 3

6 g         1100 anniversary celebrations.. 3

6 h         Cricket tickets.. 3

6 i          Archives.. 3

7.      Items for Discussion.. 3

7 a.        Worship.. 3

7 b.        Fabric.. 3

7 c.        Finance.. 4

7 d.        Supporters of St. Peters.. 4

7 e.        LMG.... 4

7 f.         Deanery Synod.. 4

7 g.        Readership news.. 4

8.      Items of New Business.. 4

8 a.        Wedding.. 4

9.      Dates.. 5

9 a.        Future PCC meetings.. 5

10.         Closing prayer. 5


1.        Opening prayers

Sue opened the meeting with a prayer. Tricia Heckbert took the chair.

2.        Attendance, apologies and welcome


David Cheetham

Richard Dingley Sylvia Dingley

Chris Green

Tricia Heckbert Colette Jeff








Tricia Lumley

Barry Rose

Sue Rose



Thea Oliver

Victor Skinner









3.        Minutes of previous meeting

Minutes of the 19/05/2009 meeting were agreed as accurate.

4.        Arising, actions

Meeting of 19/05/09

6 b           Parish Newsletter

CG had written to Newmans. NB. DC: Some advertising revenue had been received- from two advertisers only.

6 c           Inventory

                  RD handed the inventory over to DC

6 d           Light in kitchen - fixed

6 f            Roof fund name change (APCM)

                  The form has gone to the bank

6 g           School Governors (reappointment of Mark Rickard as foundation school governor)

Form sent to diocese.

6 h           Lectern microphone

(defer until Victor is back).

5.        Any other business

(items received and added to agenda-  6h, 6i; 7f, 7g, 7h, 7i;  8a; 7h covered by 6c & later withdrawn)

6.        Items for Decision

6 a           Church Cleaning

(DC) Next session- get all the paint off that we can, and get on with repainting. Faculty required.
ACTION: ‘De minimus’ faculty- DC to consult G. Chedburn to get details, SR will contact Nicola Sullivan for the faculty.

NB. a lot more work required- explore other options. Unpaid community work?
ACTION: TH will ask Murray Heckbert

6 b           Electrical work

                  (DC, RD) Steve/ Ian Patch will need instructions to inspect electrical work already carried out. The chancel light needs to be fixed.
ACTION: DC to talk to TO

6 c           New service times.

                  There was a discussion on how the new service times would be disseminated.

i.               In magazine (NB. they are in the current magazine). Need to be put into the next one. SR will see Alan Newman at Rodney Stoke next week.

ii.            Posters required (ACTION: SR will produce laminated posters and will distribute to us).

6 d           Parish Newsletter

Decision on whether we combine with Cheddar will be required. The editor of the Cheddar magazine (Margaret Gelder) is happy with the idea. The meeting agreed to recommend this general course, subject to conditions we should clarify. (Proposed: TH, seconded TL, all were in favour). NB. this would need to be agreed with Rodney Stoke
ACTION: As a next step, SR to talk to Rodney Stoke PCC at their meeting next week. Will also ask the Newmans to keep the magazine on until the end of the year.

6 e           Children’s Society account.

                  There had been a slight misunderstanding about this. This was not a personal account of Linda Whittle’s, but a Children’s Society one; this would continue. Contributions to this made under the auspices of St. Peter’s can however now be entered into our accounts as part of our own charitable giving.

6 f            Chalice permissions.

                  Nikki Devitt does not have permission to administer the chalice- this would be useful given that she will be assisting in services. Is it worth adding her, given that it will automatically be granted when she is licensed as a reader? The meeting suggested that it was (CJ proposed, TH seconded- all were in favour).
ACTION: SR to write to bishop on our behalf with the request.

6 g           1100 anniversary celebrations.

                  We had received further publicity about events next weekend. A bus has been organised, which will be leaving from Kings of Wessex on 4th July. (NB. we must not forget that St. Peter’s has an anniversary- our 150th. Discuss next time).

6 h           Cricket tickets.

                  There will be a fund raising cricket match on 21st September. Tickets are on sale at £5 each. Two each have been supplied to RD, CG and TO.
ACTION: advertise them in magazine.

6 i            Archives.

                  (SR) New parish office has a cabinet to store archives. Do we have any to add to it?
ACTION: RD has some- will bring them along (to ring first).

7.        Items for Discussion

7 a.         Worship

(SR) The rota is complete until December for the three parishes, apart from 3 services still to be covered.

Should we have the preacher and celebrant in the public rota? There are arguments both for and against. This had been discussed before, but we previously decided to leave it out. SR was in favour of putting it in. (BR proposed that it should be put in to the rotas, and CG seconded. All were in favour.)

7 b.         Fabric

(DC) The organ has been tuned, and is in good condition.

There are several matters to raise with Mendip District Council (MDC)- effect of tarmacking on the church, pollarding the avenue of lime trees- which are dangerous (previously raised by RD); and other issues around graveyard maintenance.

ACTION: DC will write to MDC and arrange a site visit. He would like backup from one or more other PCC members when they visit.

7 c.         Finance

(DC) General funds: £11,133; fabric funds £8,811.

We have been paying £500 per month towards Parish Share, as agreed. We will try  to pay our whole quota this year.

7 d.         Supporters of St. Peters

(TL) Father’s day went well- all the Ice Pops were given out. There were more people than last year, and the event seems to be gathering momentum. Some people were astonished that it was all free! We discussed whether we should have a worship event during the day- to be fed into next year’s planning.

Open gardens- postponed until next year.

2nd Aug- SoSP to go to car boot sale. Donations of items to sell are requested- nearer the time. NB. Children’s clothes and toys sell well.

Mendip players are going to put on a ‘murder mystery’.

The meeting thanked Tricia for all her work.

7 e.         LMG

(RD) Pentecost Praise was very good- our piece was well received.

Pulpit exchange- November 15th.

7 f.          Deanery Synod

(SD). This met at the Old Deanery and members were given a tour. The resource centre is impressive- especially for children’s resources. Next meeting- 11th November.

7 g.         Readership news

i.             Chris & Nikki have been accepted by the diocese for licensing as readers to Sue Rose.

ii.          Chris & Nikki need to agree a ‘contract’ with SR and the PCC. They are meeting to discuss this with Sue and will then share the proposal with the next PCC.

iii.       There is a reader’s training weekend on 13th September for Chris and Nikki.

iv.       Richard Dingley will need a contract six months into Sue’s incumbency.

v.          Laurels- Sue would like the readers to cover services at The Laurels.


8.        Items of New Business

8 a.         Wedding

There is to be a wedding at St. Peter’s on 18th July. Stanley Price is taking the service.

It was arranged from Greece by the grandmothers. Banns have been read in Cheddar, but not at Draycott- this may be an issue.
ACTION: SR will check with Stanley. Many need a special license.

Audrey Morgan is on the flower rota, altough as yet we have not been given funds for flowers. General help from others will be required.

9.        Dates

9 a.         Future PCC meetings

1st September- venue the Cheddar Parish Office, 8 pm. Margaret Gelder to be there.

10.  Closing prayer

The meeting was closed with the Grace.

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