Minutes of the Parochial Church Council, St. Peter’s Draycott


Held on 12/09/2008 at 7:30 p.m. at 9, Barnett’s Well, Draycott.

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1.     Opening prayers. 1

2.     Attendance, apologies and welcome. 1

3.     Minutes of previous meeting. 1

4.     Arising, actions. 1

5.     Any other business. 2

6.     Items for Decision. 2

6 a      Font appeal 2

6 b      Christmas arrangements. 2

6 c      Lent course. 2

7.     Items for Discussion. 2

7 a.      New Incumbent News. 2

7 b.     Worship. 3

7 c.      Fabric. 3

7 d.     Finance. 3

7 e.      SoSP. 3

7 f.      LMG.. 3

7 g.     Readership training. 3

7 h      1100th anniversary of diocese. 3

7 i.      Car boot sale witness. 3

8.     Items of New Business. 3

9.     Dates. 3

10.      Closing prayer 3


1.      Opening prayers

Richard opened the meeting with a prayer. Tricia Heckbert took the chair.

2.      Attendance, apologies and welcome


David Cheetham

Richard Dingley Sylvia Dingley

Chris Green

Tricia Heckbert Colette Jeff

Thea Oliver

Barry Rose











Tricia Lumley

Stanley Price





3.      Minutes of previous meeting

Minutes of the 11/11/2008 meeting were agreed as accurate with minor corrections.

4.      Arising, actions

Previous to meeting of 11/11/08

7 c     (Light in kitchen). DC had looked again- it is quite serviceable.
ACTION: Leave it as it is.

7 g     (Contribution for readership). The PCC had received £300 from the Diocese towards the £400 cost of training; this is expected to be recurrent for next year. The LMG is holding back for the moment. We have not asked St. Andrew’s or Rodney Stoke. NB. It will cost £41 for each registration once the candidates are accepted.
ACTION: (No further action required).

8 b     (Organ repair). Not done yet- he should be here next Saturday (can he do it in time for the concert?)

8 c     (Receipts for English Heritage). RD had not found the WCT receipt on his return.
ACTION: DC will request a replacement, and pass it on to Victor Skinner.

Meeting of 11/11/08

7 a     (Showing candidates around) Both actions carried out

8 b     (Stewarding at Bishop’s Palace). Victor has written to magazine.

5.      Any other business

(items received and added to agenda-  8i)

6.      Items for Decision

6 a       Font appeal

·      We need to thank the legal team that have helped at the hearing and before (Susanna Walker, Ruth Arlow, Andrew Johnson). Stanley’s suggestion was that Andrew might appreciate a gift certificate for sheet music (e.g. from Musicroom.com) as he is involved with amateur orchestras. Flowers would perhaps be acceptable for the ladies. This was agreed
ACTION: CG to organise the music voucher; TH to organise flowers- £50 per gift
(we would raise as much as possible by contributions from the PCC)

·      We must also find an appropriate way to express our appreciation to Stanley. RD said that he would make a present of a week from their time-share holiday scheme. We would also make a contribution towards travel expenses (it would need to be at least £200).
ACTION: RD will make this offer on behalf of the PCC to Stanley and Eva. Once more we will try to raise the cash part so that this does not come from church funds.

6 b       Christmas arrangements

Most is in hand, but one or two details remain:

·      Lights- not yet done, but we need them in time for Wednesday night if possible
ACTION: TO will ask Richard Oliver, CG to ask Nikki Devitt if they can do this tomorrow.

6 c       Lent course

·      Cheddar had decided on the York course. CG had read it and recommended it to the PCC. Do we want to joint them? The PCC agreed.
ACTION: CG will mail Ken Lewis (organiser for Cheddar) and request that we be included.

7.      Items for Discussion

7 a.      New Incumbent News

The PCC were delighted with the appointment of Sue Rose as the new incumbent. TO has already written to congratulate her on our behalf.

She wants to meet the team ahead of her taking up the post. NB. There is quite a large team already at St. Andrews- Rupert Bursell, Judith Rose, Hilary Thomas, Ann Wait.

7 b.      Worship

We still need someone to take our Easter service. Richard Lewis is back in Wells- might we ask him?
ACTION: RD will investigate.

7 c.      Fabric

            DC reported that the lightning conductor has been done, although we have not yet received the bill.

7 d.      Finance

Nothing much to report- DC wants to have everything finalised by the end of the month.

Accounts: Standard- £4,511 deposit, £3,031 Current; Refurbishment- £1,482 and £3,000.

7 e.      SoSP

PTAF (6th December)- made us £79.

7 f.       LMG

We had received the newsletter. NB. Pentecost- 31st May. Participation from parishes will be invited. We will need to think about this and plan.

7 g.      Readership training

CG described the latest part of the Readership training, which had taken place on an away weekend at Abbey House in Glastonbury.

7 h       1100th anniversary of diocese

CG communicated the latest round of publicity from the diocese.

7 i.       Car boot sale witness

Do we want to participate as a parish or PCC?

ACTION- The PCC was broadly supportive but thought that this should be left to individual decision.

8.      Items of New Business


9.      Dates

Next PCC- Monday12th Jan, 9 Barnett’s Well.

Further PCC meetings: 16th Feb (RD & SD, BR- apologies); 23rd March.

APCM: 26th April.

10. Closing prayer

The meeting was closed with the Grace.

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