Minutes of the Parochial Church Council, St. Peter’s Draycott


Held on 01/09/2008 at 7:30 p.m. at 9, Barnett’s Well, Draycott.

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1.     Opening prayers. 1

2.     Attendance, apologies and welcome. 1

3.     Minutes of previous meeting. 1

4.     Arising, actions. 1

5.     Any other business. 2

6.     Items for Decision. 2

6 a      Bible Society. 2

6 b      Graveyard Rules. 2

6 c      Electrics- trip hazard. 2

6 d      Old hymn books. 2

6 e      Silver crosses. 2

6 f       Church diaries. 2

7.     Items for Discussion. 2

7 a.      New Incumbent- news. 2

7 b.     Worship. 3

7 c.      Fabric. 3

7 d.     Finance. 3

7 e.      SoSP. 3

7 f.      Events. 4

7 g.     LMG.. 4

7 h.     RD announcement 4

8.     Items of New Business. 4

8 a.      Monument in graveyard. 4

8 b.     Post Office questionnaires. 4

8 c.      English Heritage- last tranche of grant. 4

9.     Dates. 4

10.      Closing prayer 4


1.      Opening prayers

Richard opened the meeting with a prayer.

2.      Attendance, apologies and welcome


David Cheetham Richard Dingley Sylvia Dingley

Chris Green






Tricia Heckbert

Colette Jeff

Tricia Lumley

Thea Oliver

Barry Rose






3.      Minutes of previous meeting

Minutes of the 14/07/2008 meeting were agreed as accurate.

4.      Arising, actions

6 f      (Donated Organ).

No bids from e-bay received. ‘Freecycle’ tried- one person is ‘thinking about it’. Will follow this up (TL).

7 i      (Font) Stanley had nothing to report. The Victorian Society may have run out of time for their appeal again- we shall have to wait.


5.      Any other business

(items received and added to agenda- 6b, 6c, 6d, 6e, 8a, 8b)

6.      Items for Decision

6 a       Bible Society

            SD- Not much notice has been taken of Bible Sunday in recent years. We should try and change this. Suggested actions-

·      Raise the matter at the Worship Group on 10th September (RD)

·      Jamaican evening on 23rd October- AGM. Publicise.

·      Announce in Church.

·      Coffee morning (TBA).

The Meeting agreed with these proposals.

6 b       Graveyard Rules.

We had received a suggested wording from the diocese. These will be signed by the churchwardens. RD will have the signed copy laminated and put on the church notice board. TO will write a more ‘user-friendly’ version of it.

6 c       Electrics- trip hazard.

There is a wire lying across the choir- extension cable?
ACTION- TO will remove it. The longer term solution- a socket near the screen.
ACTION- Fabric subgroup to report on lighting rearrangement.

6 d       Old hymn books

The A&M hymn books are now in a cupboard. We should let Rodney Stoke know that they can borrow them any time they are needed- but we do want to keep them ourselves, as there remain some hymns in them that are not in the new books.

NB. There are not enough Junior Praise to go around when we do use them- but we should get used to the new hymn books before decided whether we need to buy any more.

ACTION: RD will communicate the above to Rodney Stoke.

6 e       Silver crosses.

RD had found a number of small silver crosses. These had previously been on sale in the church. Now nobody seems to own them.

ACTION: RD to offer to Jo Slade, Kings of Wessex.

6 f        Church diaries.

RD had had an enquiry from the diocese about ordering diaries- does anyone want to. Likewise named pens.

ACTION: No-one expressed any interest!

7.      Items for Discussion

7 a.      New Incumbent- news

RD had asked the Archdeacon whether there was any news- so far, no reply.

Negotiations over the new parsonage may be holding things up. No news on this, either. It has been decides that we will provide a home, but it is not necessarily the vicarage. The new incumbent will take a part in the decision.

ACTION: RD will continue to ask.

7 b.      Worship

There will be an open meeting for the parishes next Wednesday 10th September, in Rodney Stoke church hall.

ACTIONS:       CG to contact Jane Holmes and offer practical help.
Announce in church.
RD to chair.

There will be a meeting of the Company of Preachers on 2nd October.

Rodney Stoke would like to have a joint carol service. Proposed a joint event on both the Draycott carol service on the 21st, and the Rodney Stoke service on the 24th December.

ACTION: Raise at the worship group.

7 c.      Fabric

i.      There is a new proposal over church insurance, to cover 75% rather than 100%, with lower premiums. DC does not feel able to advise us- there is a diocesan meeting on 6th October, and he would like someone else to go along too.

ACTION: DC and RD to go together. DC to report back

ii.     Lightning rods- we still have not taken any decision.

ACTION: CG to ask Stanley for a second opinion.

iii.   Meeting of Fabric Subcommittee- reported. A faculty will be needed for any re-ordering proposed. We could spend £3,000 on the architect advising us what to do.

ACTION: The meeting decided to wait until after the sale of the font.

iv.   Run- off water going into the crypt- might be deflected by sandbags.

ACTION: The meeting agreed to this action (who is to take the action?).

7 d.      Finance

Funds: £6,004 in general fund, £3,770 in refurbishment fund.

DC has been paying the Parish Share at £250 per month, as agreed.

DC proposed to transfer deposit fund accounts to Lloyds locally. The rates of interest will be slightly different but it will be much more convenient to make transfers (NB. there is no possibility of Internet or telephone banking on this type of account).

The meeting agreed to this proposal- DC to create 2 deposit accounts locally.

7 e.      SoSP

                                i.            The accordion concert on the 1st August made us £100; we were given £265 from the skittles tournament.

                               ii.            We will not have a jumble sale in September, as there is a table-top sale on the 20th by pre-school. We will join in, and rent 2 tables.

                             iii.            The Harvest Supper will be on 11th October. We need volunteers for apple pies and we need people to sell tickets.

                             iv.            Soup lunch- 8th November.

                              v.            The ‘Flower and Cribs’ exhibition was to be from Thursday 11th to Sunday 14th December. Barry Rose’s concert will be on the 14th, so much of the display will have to be dismantled

ACTION: CG to organise a Temporary Event Notification for the 11th for the bar.

7 f.       Events


7 g.      LMG

(Nothing further announced)

7 h.      RD announcement

Richard announced that he will not seek re-election at the next AGM, but will remain as reader. He would be prepared to look after the services to make sure we had celebrants and preachers, if we wanted.

The meeting thanked Richard for his huge contribution as a churchwarden over the years.

8.      Items of New Business

8 a.      Monument in graveyard.

CG had received a request for approval for a monument in the graveyard from Unwin funeral director in Wells. This is normally dealt with by the incumbent, and failing that by the rural dean. Currently both posts are in vacancy. CG was proposing to go through the archdeacon. NB. We should receive a fee for this.

8 b.      Post Office questionnaires.

TO had made a unilateral decision to allow a box to receive post office questionnaires in church. The meeting approved this decision.

8 c.      English Heritage- last tranche of grant.

The final payment from this grant still requires a signature from the architect George Chedburn.

ACTION: RD will chase

9.      Dates

·      Next PCC- 11th October, 9 Barnett’s Well (apologies from TO, RD, SD)

·      Following PCC- 11th November, 9 Barnett’s Well (apologies from RD, SD)

·      Following PCC- 9th December, 9 Barnett’s Well.

10. Closing prayer

The meeting was closed with the Grace.

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