Minutes of the Parochial Church Council, St. Peterís Draycott


Held on 14/07/2008 at 7:30 p.m. at Lotus House, The Street, Draycott.

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1.†††† Opening prayers. 1

2.†††† Attendance, apologies and welcome. 1

3.†††† Minutes of previous meeting. 1

4.†††† Arising, actions. 1

5.†††† Any other business. 2

6.†††† Items for Decision. 2

6 a††††† Updating the churchyard rules. 2

6 b††††† Harvest supper. 2

6 c††††† Lightning conductor. 2

6 d††††† Ladder 2

6 e††††† Foundation governor. 2

6 f†††††† Organ. 2

7.†††† Items for Discussion. 3

7 a.††††† New Incumbent- news. 3

7 b.†††† Worship. 3

7 c.††††† Fabric. 3

7 d.†††† Finance. 3

7 e.††††† SoSP. 3

7 f.††††† Events. 3

7 g.†††† LMG.. 3

7 h.†††† Legacies and Wills. 4

7 i.††††† Font update. 4

8.†††† Items of New Business. 4

9.†††† Dates. 4

10.††††† Closing prayer 4


1.      Opening prayers

Richard opened the meeting with a prayer.

2.      Attendance, apologies and welcome


David Cheetham Richard Dingley Sylvia Dingley

Chris Green






Tricia Heckbert

Colette Jeff

Tricia Lumley

Thea Oliver

Barry Rose






3.      Minutes of previous meeting

Minutes of the 23/06/2008 extraordinary meeting were agreed as accurate.

4.      Arising, actions

6 c†††† (Hymnal).

Barry Rose reported that 48 ordinary copies had been bought 2nd hand, from Brent Knoll, and 13 full music copies had been ordered. It is open to anyone who buys a copy to have it dedicated to someoneís memory.

6 e†††† (Sound system) This had been working better. Suggest we cut down on the speakers as most of the hard-of-hearing will pick up the signal through the induction loop.

7 c i†† (Replacement of new light bulb) RD and DC have settled all of the bills apart from the lamp bulb replacement. This has not been raised by the electricians.

7 c ii(Re-arrangement of the chancel lighting). DC has this in hand.

7 h†††† (Lightning conductor). CG reported that Ecclesiastical Insurance were unwilling to comment over the phone, and asked us to send documentation for their specialist surveyor. It might be best to raise the point informally, if this were possible.

7 e†††† (Covenant envelopes) DC had ordered these.

††††††††† (Magazine) TL had taken the outstanding delivery allocation to the house of the person responsible.

7 h†††† (Legacies and wills). RD to investigate what other churches in the LMG are doing.

8 a†††† (Graveyard rules) DC has already put an article in the church magazine, tactfully urging greater tidiness.

††††††††† This now needs to go in the parish newsletter- DC will sent something.

5††††††† (Church opening). CG had written a letter thanking Helen Higgs. DC has already spoken to Ray Denning at Old Cross House.

5.      Any other business

(items received and added to agenda- 6d, 6e, 6f, 7i, 8a)

6.      Items for Decision

6 a†††††† Updating the churchyard rules

††††††††††† (covered)

6 b†††††† Harvest supper.

Saturday 11th October. The Lost Sheep have been booked. Jacket potatoes, in school hall.

6 c†††††† Lightning conductor.


6 d†††††† Ladder

Richard pointed out the dangers of the old wooden ladder, and proposed to donate an aluminium ladder that was surplus to his requirements. The meeting agreed with thanks.

6 e†††††† Foundation governor.

CG had received a nomination for Joe Hogan as a foundation governor of the school. His term is strictly not up until next year, but the school would like to stagger the appointments, so his is being brought up early. TO proposed that we elect Joe Hogan as foundation governor, and CG seconded. All agreed. The form was completed and will be passed on to the school.

6 f††††††† Organ.

This is taking up space and has not been used for some time.

ACTION: TL will look into disposing of this (Freecycle?)

7.      Items for Discussion

7 a.††††† New Incumbent- news

We will need to make a contribution to travel expenses for the candidates. Cheddar had proposed that this would be in proportion to the relative parish shares. The meeting agreed.

The next step will be to re-advertise the post.

7 b.††††† Worship

There will be a meeting of the worship committee in September. The diary has now been completed until December 6th. The meeting thanked RD for his hard work on this.

CG said that he and Nikki Devitt had both attended their readership selection conference, and had been accepted as trainees. The PCC gave their congratulations. He thanked the PCC for its support.

7 c.††††† Fabric

In order not to take up too much time at PCC meetings, DC suggested that we should have a fabric subcommittee. We should ask Stanley and Ray Denny. Other members would be RD, DC and CJ. The idea was put to a vote- CG proposed, CJ seconded. All were in favour.

ACTION: CJ will ask Stanley.

7 d.††††† Finance

Funds: £5,631 in general fund, £3,104 in refurbishment fund.

SsSP: £175 was raised, with some more still to come.

DC has been paying £250 per month, as agreed. We have paid £1,500 so far this year.

7 e.††††† SoSP

                                i.            The accordion evening will be on the 1st August. Gordon will write an article for the paper.

                               ii.            LW and Tricia Corrick are arranging a flower festival- more information later (dates: 12, 13, 14 Dec).

                             iii.            Jumble sale proposed- September (any over will go to a car boot sale). 20th September.

                             iv.            Soup lunch- 8th November (provisional)

                              v.            Concert proposed by Barry Rose- 14th Dec, evening (restoration fund). Tickets- £10 each.

7 f.†††††† Events


7 g.††††† LMG

Beetle Drive in September.

Further events to be announced. Next meeting 22nd September.

7 h.††††† Legacies and Wills


7 i.†††††† Font update

CG read out an update from Stanley. He has not yet got back to Mr. Williams of Cardiff Castle, and was wondering if one of us would prefer to take this over.

ACTION: We should prefer Stanley to see this through- CG to respond.

8.      Items of New Business

8 a.††††† Linda Whittle- letter.

Linda had written to express her views on the payment of the parish share from our inadequate church funds- CG read this to the meeting. There was sympathy for this point of view, but we felt that we should continue to pay when it was possible.

9.      Dates

      Next PCC- 1st September, 9 Barnettís Well..

10. Closing prayer

The meeting was closed with the Grace.

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