Minutes of Extraordinary Meeting of PCC, St. Peter’s Draycott


Held on 23/06/2008 at 7:30 p.m. at 9 Barnett’s Well, Draycott.

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1.     Opening prayers. 1

2.     Attendance, apologies and welcome. 1

3.     Font appeal 1

4.     Arising, actions. 2

5.     Other business. 3


1.      Opening prayers

Stanley opened the meeting with a prayer.

2.      Attendance, apologies and welcome


David Cheetham Richard Dingley Sylvia Dingley

Chris Green

Tricia Heckbert








Colette Jeff

Tricia Lumley

Stanley Price

Thea Oliver

Barry Rose







3.      Font appeal

The main item of business arose from the application of the Victorian Society for leave to appeal the Chancellor’s decision to allow the sale of the font. The present meeting was called to decide on immediate action to be taken. Stanley Price joined us for this item. (NB. Barry Rose was not present until the second part of the meeting).

We had three main documents in front of us:

  1. The document from the Victorian Society setting out their grounds for an appeal to the Court of Arches (submitted to John Rees, Provincial Registrar, and copied to SP on 10th May 2008).
  2. A response to the above document drafted by a legal adviser to the PCC.
  3. A document drafted by Stanley Price, also responding to some of the points raised by the Victorian Society.

We noted that we are still at the stage of deciding whether the leave to appeal is granted, and not in the appeal proper.  We agreed that our advisor’s paper was the most appropriate response at this stage, as it challenges both the legal grounds and the substance of the application by the Victorian Society. Stanley’s points should be brought up if leave to appeal is granted. All agreed with this.

ACTION: SP to send our adviser’s paper, with covering remarks as suggested.

We also discussed whether we should be taking further steps over the font sale at this stage. The chancellor’s ruling suggested that we should contact Mr. Williams of Cardiff Museum in the first instance, and this we had done. However, SP had not heard back (when he tried to phone recently he was told that Mr. Willams is away). We should probably not leave matters there, as it may seem that we have not pursued this avenue vigorously enough.

ACTION: SP to speak with Mr. Williams. If Mr. Williams is not willing to take matters further, SP will take advice as to which museum to approach next (the V&A?).

SP has also offered to look at the progress of the damp in the church (rising and falling damp), the better to demonstrate our need. He suggested hiring a damp meter.

ACTION: SP to hire the meter and make the examination as suggested. If necessary we can get this confirmed independently at a later date.

4.      Arising, actions

(From meeting of 8/05/08)

6 a     (Parish return) This has been delayed by the diocese while it transfers a database. We shall wait until we are asked.

6 b     (Accordion concert) The date of 1st Aug had been fixed. We further decided on a ticket price of £8 for adults, children free.

6 c     (Copyright) Barry had looked into this and decided that our best policy was to buy a more up-to-date hymnal, which would have most of the additional music we might want.

The book suggested was ‘Hymns Old and New’, and this had been agreed by David Cheetham and Gordon Jeff. Donors had come forward to underwrite the cost of 50 copies with music (melody line). We would also look at getting second-hand copies, and full music ones.

SP suggested that we should wait for the new incumbent before taking a decision on this. The PCC members did not agree.

It was proposed that we buy the 50 copies for which funds have already been arranged, and look into getting further copies second-hand. (Prop. TH, Sec. TO, all PCC members agreed).

ACTION: BR to arrange the purchase.

(Stanley left the meeting at this point)

6 d     (Mendip Players youth group). TL had passed on our decision. Stephanie was arranging for her CRB checks, and had written to people who might be interested.

6 e     (Sound system). Carry over actions. We noted that for a large service, someone needs to be stationed beside the box.

7 c     (Lights, Lightening conductor) Carry over actions.

7 e     (Covenant envelopes) Yearly packs are available, as are single ones.
ACTION: DC to ask Victor to go ahead and purchase what he needs.

          (Magazine) DC had discussed magazine cost with Alan Newman and decided that it was inappropriate to raise the price.

7 f      (Father’s day). 800 ice pops had been given out, in spite of the lack of sunshine. Overall the day had been a great success. The remaining ice-pops will keep until some other event (e.g. walking treasure hunt, 13th July).

7 h     (Legacies and wills). Carry over.

8 a     (Garden of remembrance). £55 had been received for plants. This was going to get a makeover- CJ called for volunteers at 10 on Saturday 28th.

          CG pointed out that this was not the garden that Graham Brown was referring to when he raised the matter at the APCM- this was the area for cremated remains. Part of the problem was the scattering of old flowers and plastic flowers. We need to publicise a policy, and take action after giving this enough time.
ACTION: CG to draft a policy and share with other PCC. The parish news would be a good place to publicise.

5.      Other business

One item raised by RD. He had received a letter from Helen Higgs saying that she could no longer carry out the duty of opening and closing the church, as she had for several years. We shall need to find someone to do it in her place. We should also have a notice advising visitors of whom to approach to open the church if it is locked.

ACTION: CG to write letter thanking Helen Higgs.

ACTION: DC to approach Ray Denning Kendal at Old Cross House about being the key-holder.

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