Minutes of the Parochial Church Council, St. Peterís Draycott


Held on 08/05/2008 at 7:30 p.m. at Lotus House, The Street, Draycott.


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1.†††† Opening prayers. 1

2.†††† Attendance, apologies and welcome. 1

3.†††† Minutes of previous meeting. 1

4.†††† Arising, actions. 1

5.†††† Any other business. 2

6.†††† Items for Decision. 2

6 a††††† Appointment of church officers. 2

6 b††††† Ukrainian accordion concert. 2

6 c††††† Christian Copyright Licensing International. 2

6 d††††† Mendip Players Youth Group. 2

6 e††††† Sound system. 2

7.†††† Items for Discussion. 3

7 a.††††† New Incumbent- news. 3

7 b.†††† Worship. 3

7 c.††††† Fabric. 3

7 d.†††† Finance. 3

7 e.††††† Fund raising. 4

7 f.††††† LMG.. 4

7 g.†††† Events. 4

7 h.†††† Legacies and Wills. 4

7 i.††††† Kings of Wessex youth worker 4

8.†††† Items of New Business. 4

8 a.††††† Garden of Remembrance. 4

8 b.†††† Churchyard regulations. 5

8 c.††††† Anniversary of founding of the Diocese. 5

8 d.†††† Report on APCM in Newsletter. 5

9.†††† Dates. 5

10.††††† Closing prayer 5


1.      Opening prayers

Richard opened the meeting with a prayer.

2.      Attendance, apologies and welcome


David Cheetham Richard Dingley Sylvia Dingley

Chris Green






Tricia Heckbert

Colette Jeff

Tricia Lumley

Thea Oliver

Barry Rose






3.      Minutes of previous meeting

Minutes of the 25/03/2008 meeting were agreed as accurate with minor amendments.

4.      Arising, actions

(previous to 25/03/08)

6 a†††† (Chalice and patten) We must now wait for the new incumbent- but there are enough people with permissions for the moment.

6 b†††† (Security signs) RD has handed the laminated signs to CG.

(meeting of 25/03/08)

6 d†††† (Copyright licensing) CG had passed this on to DC (taken up in agenda item 6c).

6 e†††† (Lambeth conference expenses) CG had passed this on to DC who had paid.

7 g†††† (List of reports for APCM) Done

7 h†††† (Lent groups- thanks to Ken Lewis) Done.

5.      Any other business

(items received and added to agenda- 8d)

6.      Items for Decision

6 a†††††† Appointment of church officers

The following officers were proposed: Lay chair: Tricia Heckbert, secretary: CG, treasurer: DC (proposed: RD, seconded: TO, all agreed). TH took the chair. TL had previously agreed to be the second Deanery representative (proposed at the APCM).

ACTION: CG will submit form to Diocese.

6 b†††††† Ukrainian accordion concert.

The days proposed by the accordion duo were 30th July, 31st July or 1st Aug. The last date (a Friday) was chosen as most suitable.

We should keep some of the proceeds of ticket sales, as agreed in a previous PCC (one-half was suggested). We should also furnish them with accommodation.

ACTION: CG to offer 1st Aug to the duo.

6 c†††††† Christian Copyright Licensing International.

Both DC and BR had looked at this. BR thought that this would not cover what we do, but it needs further investigation.

ACTION: BR will look into this further.

6 d†††††† Mendip Players Youth Group.

The meeting was in favour of organisations such as this using the church, but we still had to fix the amount to charge. After discussion we agreed on £8 per session, which would cover the host of heating and lighting. This rate would be charged to any Draycott organisation that the PCC agreed to allow to use the church (proposed: CG, seconded CJ- all were in favour).

ACTION- TL to communicate this to the Mendip Players Youth Group.

6 e†††††† Sound system.

We have not been controlling this system well enough recently, with several instances of feedback or inaudibility. NB. Lack of an instruction book; too many controls, not well labelled.

ACTION- RD will look into how our setup could be improved.

ACTION- CG will ask Stanley about instruction book; also about the proposal for a replacement amplifier to correct the hum.

ACTION- RD, TO, DC etc. Ask visiting speakers to turn off their lapel microphones for congregational parts of service.

7.      Items for Discussion

7 a.††††† New Incumbent- news

The advertisement in the Church Times should have its second showing this week. Interest has been expressed but we didnít know details.

7 b.††††† Worship

The St. Peterís day service on 29th June will be a 5th Sunday (joint)- do we want use Iona? The PCC agreed this was a good idea, although we might have to print a few more books.

Sunday evening- Gordon and Colette will organise compline, preceded by a picnic.

Advent Sunday will be a 5th Sunday- also an Iona service.

7 c.††††† Fabric

                           i.        Kingsway Electrics

      Kingsway have now sent through the certificate- they had miss-filed it. RD will now deal with the diocese (re. Faculty).

      We have two outstanding bills from Kingsway- the heater control, and the light bulb replacement. The PCC agreed we would pay for the former, but not the latter (which was new and should not have needed replacement).

ACTION: CG to ask Stanley- have Kingsway conceded the point over the light bulb replacement?

                          ii.        Chancel lighting

DC proposed adjusting the lighting in the chancel, to take out the lights we donít use and put them elsewhere in the choir for better effect. Since the hardware is there already the cost would be installation.

ACTION: DC to ask Steve Patch to provide a quote (would he need scaffolding?).

                        iii.        Lightning conductor

It has been checked, but the reading was high by current recommendations (20.9 Ohms as against recommended level of 10 Ohms). They quoted the price for extra earth rods as £385 + VAT.

ACTION: CG to look into insurance policy and report back to PCC before we take further action.

                      iv.          Font appeal

If the application is not received by us by next Monday the appellants are out of time again. We shall wait and see what happens, then take appropriate action.

                       v.          Back door

This is too heavy for some of those needing to access it.

                      vi.          Security lighting at east end of church

(This needs to be raised next meeting.)

7 d.††††† Finance

                       i.            Funds: £5,045 in general fund, £3,084 in refurbishment fund.

                     ii.            Covenanting: some have reported that they are running out of envelopes- does Victor Skinner have a supply? NB. DC had heard that they were expensive.


      DC to speak to Victor about envelopes (cheaper replacements?)

      DC to write article in Newsletter, about rising cost of living and the advantages of direct debit payment (will forward to CG).

                    iii.            Newsletter: takings are down. Distribution is a problem- some people are cancelling their subscriptions because of delays in delivery/ non-delivery.

ACTION: CG to write letter to parties concerned.

Should we increase the price? We could increase it to 50p a copy while keeping the yearly subscription to £4.

ACTION: CJ to pass the message on to Heather Robinson.

7 e.††††† Fund raising


7 f.†††††† LMG

Three events are forthcoming:

      11th June, Shipham- the Bible in 55 minutes.

      15th June, Cheddar- Fatherís Day. NB. This unfortunately clashes with Draycott Strawberry Fayre.
ACTION: TL to put up a rota for distributing Ice Pops, we will sign up

      8th November- Beetle Drive.

7 g.††††† Events


7 h.††††† Legacies and Wills

CG read out parts of the leaflet circulated by the diocese. The PCC needs to have a policy on legacies, communicated to the congregation and village- supported by the meeting.

ACTION: CG to summarise action/ recommended policy for the next meeting.

7 i.†††††† Kings of Wessex youth worker

Jo Slade has been a very effective worker with young people at Kings of Wessex. We were generally supportive of the attempt to fund her in an extra day a week, whilst recognising that we do not have the money to do this from general funds.

ACTION: We should give her some publicity in the Newsletter, and invite her to speak to us. TO will write to John Angle.

8.      Items of New Business

8 a.††††† Garden of Remembrance

This has been tidied up but needs new plants.

ACTION: Owen, Gordon and Colette will buy and put in some more plants- all contributions gratefully received. (Perhaps Cheddar Garden Centre will give us a discount?)

8 b.††††† Churchyard regulations

CG had received some updated rules from the Diocese. It was not clear which ones applied to us, as our churchyard is closed and now the responsibility of Mendip District Council.

ACTION: CJ will pass this to Gordon who has a lot of experience with churchyards.

8 c.††††† Anniversary of founding of the Diocese

CG had received notification about this from the Diocese.

ACTION: CG to circulate with a distribution list among members of the PCC.

8 d.††††† Report on APCM in Newsletter.

CG proposed to write an article in the Newsletter. What would the PCC wish to highlight? Discussion- include thank you to Stanley, School news (welcome to new head teacher), fund raising.

ACTION: CG to write and submit article.

9.      Dates

      Next PC: 16th June. CG gave his apologies. CJ offered to host.

      Future PCCs- 14th July, 1st September.

      Installation of new incumbent- booked for 6th December (tentative).

10. Closing prayer

The meeting was closed with the Grace.

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