Minutes of the Parochial Church Council, St. Peter’s Draycott


Held on 18/02/2008 at 7:30 p.m. at Lotus House, The Street, Draycott.


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1.      Opening prayers.. 1

2.      Attendance, apologies and welcome.. 1

3.      Minutes of previous meeting.. 1

4.      Arising, actions.. 1

5.      Any other business.. 2

6.      Items for Decision.. 2

6 a         Working party to choose new incumbent.. 2

6 b         Security.. 2

6 c         Kingsway Electrics.. 2

6 d         Magazine distribution.. 2

6 e         Parish share.. 2

6 f          Herbert Trust.. 2

7.      Items for Discussion.. 2

7 a.        Worship.. 2

7 b.        Fabric.. 2

7 c.        Finance.. 3

7 d.        Fund raising.. 3

7 e.        LMG.... 3

7 f.         Events.. 3

8.      Items of New Business.. 3

8 a.        Somerset unitary authority.. 3

8 b.        Web site.. 3

9.      Dates.. 3

10.         Closing prayer. 3


1.        Opening prayers

Richard opened the meeting with a prayer. Tricia Heckbert took the chair.

2.        Attendance, apologies and welcome


David Cheetham Richard Dingley Sylvia Dingley Chris Green

Tricia Heckbert








Colette Jeff

Tricia Lumley

Thea Oliver







3.        Minutes of previous meeting

Minutes of the 21/01/2008 meeting were agreed as accurate.

4.        Arising, actions

(previous to 21/01/08)

7 b      (Light at front gate). ACTION: DC to investigate a solar-powered security light.

(arising from 21/01/08)

6 a       (Nikki Devitt as parish representative for choosing the new incumbent). She had agreed although she would require notice to have time off work in the day for meetings.

6 d      (Nominations for chalice & paten duty). SP has not let us know yet.

6 e       (Faith communities- responses to emergencies). Carry over.

7 b      (Gate). Steve Wall was approached but has not yet done anything. NB. the gate is in need of maintenance- but probably not worth replacing before the path is re-routed.

7 f        (Father’s Day) A letter of thanks from Paul Spanring for our offer of support was read out.

5.        Any other business

(five items received and added to agenda- 6d, e and f, and 8b)

6.        Items for Decision

6 a           Working party to choose new incumbent.

The working party will meet as soon as possible to review the first draft .

Cheddar vicarage is a bone of contention- the wardens want the current one to be retained, and some others want to sell it and buy an alternative. We were asked and RD had responded in support of retention- expressing the view of this PCC.

There will be an open meeting on Thursday 13th March at 7:30 p.m. in St. Andrew’s church, Cheddar. We should try and get there.

6 b           Security.

The latest idea from Ecclesiastical Insurance- ‘Smart Water’- was demonstrated.

ACTION: CG to put up the signs, RD offered to laminate one of the signs.

6 c           Kingsway Electrics.

A letter from Stanley Price was read out. This issue is still ongoing.

6 d           Magazine distribution.

(not for website).

6 e           Parish share.

We must decide on our own banding (a to d). After a debate, the motion was proposed by RD that we remain on band c, and seconded by TH. All were in favour (motion carried).

6 f            Herbert Trust.

The trustees will meet on 29th March between 10 and 12, and need a representative (from the PCC?), now that Stanley has stepped down.
ACTION: decide at next meeting.

7.        Items for Discussion

7 a.         Worship

RD has completed the rota and gave us all a copy

7 b.         Fabric

-              Wilf Lacey reported that the paving stones are very slippery by the bins in the churchyard, causing a hazard.
ACTION: TH will investigate and see what Jeyes fluid can do.

-              Cold radiator. In order to fix this the entire system needs to be drained. Now does not seem to be the time to do this job.
ACTION: RD will put a notice on it.

-              Heating controls. The heating is coming on at odd times. Not much we can do about this if it is caused by the thermostat being in the WC.

7 c.         Finance

-              We have £4,524 in general funds, and £2,643 in the roof fund. We are still due the income from the parish magazine.

-              We debated the merits of paying towards the parish share on a regular basis. CG proposed that we pay £250 each month, when the treasurer judges that we can afford it. TH seconded, and all were in agreement. DC agreed to start this month.

7 d.         Fund raising

(nothing since last time- but see 7f, below)

7 e.         LMG

-              Reminder of Bring and Share supper at Biddisham Village Hall, 7 pm on 23rd Feb.

-              Marriage preparation course in Cheddar on 9th February was very successful and will probably be repeated. Thirteen couples attended.

7 f.          Events

Harp Concert- 1st March. Stanley has promised to supply a projector screen, and agreed to be ‘MC’. TH is leading on organisation. PCC will contribute wine (NB. this will not be covered by the ticket sales, or we will have to pay for a license).

ACTION: TH will co-opt the help she needs from us all.

8.        Items of New Business

8 a.         Somerset unitary authority

The replacement of subdivisions of Somerset (locally Mendip and Sedgmoor) by a unitary authority entails some re-wording of the register entries for marriages.

ACTION: CG to place the letter informing us of the change in the marriages register.

8 b.         Web site

Sermons from the preaching team so far this year have been put on the website (CG).

9.        Dates

-              Next PCC meeting- 25th March at Lotus House (apologies from TH)

-              Parish profile working party- will meet 26th Feb at Chris & Nikki’s house

-              APCM: Sunday 27th April; 6 pm service followed by APCM at 6:30.

10.  Closing prayer

The meeting was closed with the Grace.

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