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St. Peter's, Draycott PCC meeting of 26/11/07 (brief)


Held immediately after a joint meeting of Draycott and Rodney Stoke with the archdeacon, Nicola Sullivan, which squeezed the time available. Tricia Heckbert took the chair, and proposed to omit 1, 7, 8 and 10 from the agenda, and only cover essential business from the other parts of the agenda. This was agreed.

1. Present

Richard Dingley, Sylvia Dingley, Chris Green, Tricia Heckbert, Tricia Lumley, Colette Jeff.

2. Apologies

Stanley Price, David Cheetham, Thea Oliver

3. Minutes of previous meeting

The minutes of 15/10/07 were agreed as an accurate record

4. Arising

(previous to 15/10/07)

6c. (Pollarding) MDC has no objection, but since Draycott is deemed to be a 'lower risk' it has low priority for them- so is unlikely to be done soon. We can do it ourselves, as long as any tree surgeon we appoint has insurance.
FURTHER ACTION: RD to reply and point out that the avenue is the preferred route for children.

7g. (Boiler house steps) CG had got a padlock and chain

(from 15/10/07)

6a. (price of newsletter) DC proposed that it stay as is.

6b. (new vacuum cleaner) bought, working well

6c. (Father's day) (carry forward)

6d. (central heating control) Done

6e. (CPO publicity) Done

7a. (metrical arrangements of Creed and Gloria). Sheets printed- we shall do the Creed on Sunday (NB. Advent- no Gloria)

7b. (water heater) Sylvia was quite right, there is an existing one.

(heating) Controls are now fixed.

7g. (Draycott hymn) Done- now on our repertoire.

5. Other business


6. Items for Decision

  1. Draycott representatives on selection committee for new incumbent

We can defer this until January, based on the archdeacon's advice.

  1. Security measures proposed by EI

(defer until next meeting).

  1. Next moves on font sale

(defer until next meeting).

  1. Worship- mothering Sunday

(defer until next meeting, but with the proviso that we prefer to have our own communion service).

  1. Worship- seating for baptism

(defer for the time being- no baptisms in prospect).

  1. Parish Share

The balance is 7,704. We do have enough in our account to pay this off, should we choose.

We have had a request from Stanley to pay the full amount. We debated this and we decided unanimously to support Stanley's proposal. Although David Cheetham was not present, we thought that he would agree with us on this. In any case, having just had a positive judgement over the font, to do otherwise than pay would have seemed mean-spirited on our part.

ACTION: CG to communicate our wishes to David Cheetham.

  1. Lent group

Chris had met with Ken Lewis, appointed by St. Andrew's Cheddar to co-ordinate joint Lent study groups for next year. It had been decided to recommend the York course for 2008 (entitled 'the Lord's Prayer'). NB. the Cheddar Methodists have independently decided on this course also.

The meeting agreed with the recommendation.

ACTION: CG to communicate our wishes to David Cheetham.

7. Items for Discussion

(defer until next meeting)

8. Items of New Business

(defer until next meeting)

9. Dates

We need a substantive meeting to finish today's business, before Christmas. Wednesday 5th December was agreed (venue Lotus House)

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