Minutes of the Parochial Church Council, St. Peter’s Draycott


Held on 15/10/2007 at 7:30 p.m. at Lotus House, The Street, Draycott.


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1.     Opening prayers. 1

2.     Attendance, apologies and welcome. 1

3.     Minutes of previous meeting. 1

4.     Arising, actions. 1

5.     Any other business. 2

6.     Items for Decision. 2

6 a.      Price of newsletter 2

6 b.     Vacuum cleaner. 2

6 c      Ecumenical Father's Day venture. 2

6 d      New control for central heating. 2

6 e      Christmas publicity from CPO. 3

6 d      Support for Readership candidates. 3

7.     Items for Discussion. 3

7 a.      Worship. 3

7 b.     Fabric. 3

7 c.      Finance. 3

7 d.     Fund raising. 3

7 e.      LMG.. 4

7 f.      Events. 4

7 g      Web site. 4

8.     Items of New Business. 4

9.     Dates. 4

10.      Closing prayer 4


1.      Opening prayers

Richard opened the meeting with a prayer. Tricia Heckbert took the chair.

2.      Attendance, apologies and welcome


David Cheetham Richard Dingley Sylvia Dingley

Chris Green

Tricia Heckbert








Tricia Lumley

Thea Oliver



Colette Jeff

Stanley Price







3.      Minutes of previous meeting

Minutes of the 12/09/2007 meeting were agreed as accurate subject to minor amendments.

4.      Arising, actions

(previous to meeting of 12/09/07)

6c. (pollarding) Letter sent.

6g. (LMG subscription) Not done – RD will pay a subscription

7g. (Risk Assessment)

Keys: The school has a set of church keys, kept in the school office (RD to add to the key register).

                Padlock for railings- CG not yet done.

Banners: TL is repairing lettering.

Curtains/ safe: DC has painted the other safe.

(meeting of 12/09/07)

6a i. (Baptism service). We had liked this- thank you Stanley. Could it not have been rather more abbreviated though? It actually took little less time than our usual Eucharistic service (although a lot less than our last Eucharistic baptism).

Can the non-Eucharistic baptism be restricted to the first Sunday of the month? If possible, baptisms for non-churched people could be done on these occasions.

We also talked about seating- could turn the seats to face the font.
ACTION: discuss another time.

6 a ii. (Joint services with St. Leonard's). We were not clear what we are doing for St. Leonard's day. (ACTION: ask SP).

Remembrance Sunday- a possible clash, as St. Leonard's will want a service on the 11th, and there is a British Legion service planned at the Memorial Hall.

6 c. (Changing Lives DVD) Carry forward.

7 b. (Boiler). The boiler has been serviced and seems to be working again (although the timer has stopped working).

7 c. (Donations at funerals). CG has not had details of funeral directors yet- carry over.

7 d. (Harvest supper). This had raised about £250, out of which £21 had to come for the TEN (given to CG).
ACTION: send a letter of thanks to the rangers (CG- NB. TL will write to CG with the names and address to write to).

5.      Any other business

Stanley had submitted a list of items to be added to the agenda, dealt with under section 6.

6.      Items for Decision

6 a.      Price of newsletter

SP had received a request that any increase in the price of the newsletter would be decided well in advance and publicised.
ACTION: DC did not think it needed to go up as it gives us a modest profit- but he will look into it and report back.

6 b.      Vacuum cleaner.          

Cleaners have an urgent need of a vacuum cleaner. We agreed to buy a new one- a 'Henry' or similar. A £20 donation was made, the balance to come from church funds.
ACTION: TO to buy vacuum cleaner.

6 c       Ecumenical Father's Day venture.

SP had received a request in common with the other churches in the Cheddar valley. The request was for manpower and a contribution of about £250 per church. After discussion we decided that we didn't have enough information on any part of this to lay out this sum.
ACTION- SP to explain it further next meeting.

6 d       New control for central heating.

Kingsway have quoted £140 + VAT for a replacement unit. However it might just be a loose connection- we should get an electrician to inspect it first.
ACTION- CG to get hold of Steve Patch and ask him to look at it.

6 e       Christmas publicity from CPO.

RD had a brochure that he showed to the meeting.
ACTION- RD to put it at the back of the church.

6 d       Support for Readership candidates.

The PCC were asked to support three candidates in their application for the Readership ministry: Chris Green, Nikki Devitt and Thea Oliver. NB. this will involve some expenses. The motion was proposed by Richard Dingley and seconded by Tricia Heckbert. All were in favour and so the motion was carried.

7.      Items for Discussion

7 a.      Worship

Richard Dingley presented some metrical arrangements of the Gloria and the Nicene Creed, with the suggestion that we use them for Sunday worship at least occasionally. We agreed, specifically to the second of the arrangements of the Gloria (Tune of Darwall's 148th- see hymn no. 198 "Ye Holy Angels Bright"), and the creed to the tune of Abbot's Leigh (see hymn no. 356 "Father Lord of All Creation").
ACTION: RD to print some sheets to use in church.

Hymns- general. Who chooses? We agreed that this was usually the organist- however, for 'themed' services (e.g. the Lord's Prayer ones) the preacher should choose.

Can we have a system where members of the congregation vote for a hymn of their choice?

7 b.      Fabric

We need a water heater, as it is not adequate to boil kettles to do washing up. SD thought that there already was some water heating arrangement- the rest of us were not aware.
ACTION: SD will investigate. If there is not, we shall need to get something.

Heating- every Wednesday, starting November, prayer meetings and school assembly will alternate. We need the heating to go on at about 8 a.m.
ACTION: DC will do this until we get the controls fixed.

7 c.      Finance

Account totals: £9,542 in the general fund, £709 in the renovation fund (NB. this included £250 as a single donation. It does not include the soup lunch proceeds, or the money from the Harvest Supper).

The coffee fund was being managed by Thea until Barbara was better.

Parish Share- next month we shall decide how much to pay. NB. it will be the final payment of the year.

7 d.      Fund raising


'Lost Sheep' concert- further details given. They are not charging a fee, but David and Isobel will entertain them. They will need lights- Mendip Players will lend. Thea distributed some tickets for us to sell.

Celtic Harp Concert – we haven't heard anything more yet
ACTION: SP tell us.

7 e.      LMG

(Nothing to report)

7 f.       Events

(Covered under Fund Raising).

7 g       Web site

There is now a link to the Draycott hymn on the church website (the melody written by Barry Rose to the Gareth Hill prize-winning entry to the BBC competition). We should get Barry to rehearse us in singing it.
ACTION: CG to get in touch with Barry to ask him. NB. he is playing the organ next on the 28th October.

8.      Items of New Business


9.      Dates

The School PTA Christmas Fair is on Sat. 1st December in the Church. There will be a Crib show, and the church will share the profits.

Next PCC meetings- 26th November, at Tricia Lumley's house.

Following PCC: 14th January.

10. Closing prayer

The meeting was closed with the Grace.

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