Minutes of the Parochial Church Council, St. Peterís Draycott


Held on 02/04/2007 at 7:30 p.m. at 9, Barnet's Well, Draycott.

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1.†††† Opening prayers. 1

2.†††† Attendance, apologies and welcome. 1

3.†††† Minutes of previous meeting. 1

4.†††† Arising, actions. 1

5.†††† Any other business. 2

6.†††† Items for Decision. 2

6 a.††††† Electrical Survey. 2

6 b.†††† Boiler. 2

6 c††††† Font. 2

6 d††††† Officers for next PCC.. 2

6 e††††† Common Fund. 2

7.†††† Items for Discussion. 3

7 a.††††† Worship. 3

7 b.†††† Fabric- covered. 3

7 c.††††† Finance. 3

7 d.†††† Fund raising. 3

7 e.††††† LMG.. 3

7 f.††††† Events group. 3

7 g.†††† Admission of children to communion. 3

8.†††† Items of New Business. 3

8 a.††††† Book on Church Management. 3

9.†††† Dates. 4

10.††††† Closing prayer 4


1.      Opening prayers

Stanley opened the meeting with a prayer. Tricia Heckbert took the chair.

2.      Attendance, apologies and welcome


David Cheetham Richard Dingley Sylvia Dingley Chris Green

Tricia Heckbert








Colette Jeff

Tricia Lumley

Thea Oliver

Stanley Price

Victor Skinner










3.      Minutes of previous meeting

Minutes of the 26/02/2007 meeting were agreed as accurate subject to minor amendments.

4.      Arising, actions

(previous to meeting of 26/02/07)

7d. (Envelopes) Done.

7g. (Risk assessment) Ecclesiastical insurance will carry this out on 25th April.

(from meeting of 26/02/07)

6a. (School Governors) Letter written to Jane Hampton. SP talked to Rodney Stoke about this- proposal that 2 current governors resign and reapply (if the want to).

6c. (David Clarke) Suitable gift would be CDs; TO will do a collage of photos, SP will select a suitable CD of hymns.

7c. i. (snagging list) ACTION: e-mail to remind Chedburn (CG)

8f. (Glastonbury) Thea has still had no response.

5.      Any other business

6.      Items for Decision

6 a.††††† Electrical Survey

i.           Sunday morning meeting of PCC- took the view that we should refurbish rather than just repair the lighting. NB. costs of £2,821 + VAT for urgent works (fuse box, switches, wiring). We are still waiting for an estimate for re-arranging the wiring.

ii.          We urgently need a faculty to proceed- can this be done under de minimus rules? SP has e-mailed John Reed.

iii.        It was agreed that this could be funded through the refurbishment fund.

ACTION: SP to organise the remaining quotes and set faculty application in hand.

6 b.††††† Boiler.

We are waiting for an estimate (carry item over).

6 c†††††† Font.

SP has phoned Mrs. Hawkings to request an extension to the time for replying to objections. If no extension it must be done by 19th April. NB. Vivian Davies is away until the 14th.

Various additional material needed for our case- most important gap is response to Diane Walker (for Victorian Society). We also need more detail on the grant giving bodies we have approached (VS: these came from 'Architectural Heritage Fund' list- he applied to all that looked relevant. Also detail of what we have spent.

ACTION: we need a small group to finalise our responses: CG, RD, SP, TO. Meet in the week after Easter.

6 d†††††† Officers for next PCC

Need a new churchwarden, a new treasurer and a second deanery rep. We must all think about this.

6 e†††††† Common Fund

Must complete a form- RD will do it. Electoral Roll has gone down from 56 to 44 (although there should be 3 more). What status should we declare? Currently we are C. After discussion we agreed to remain there, on the grounds that most in our congregation are retired people on fixed incomes.

Proposed: RD; Seconded, CG. All were in favour of declaring ourselves in band C.

7.      Items for Discussion

7 a.††††† Worship

i.      Trinity Sunday- June 3rd. Anthony Cardale's 50th anniversary of ordination; Stanley has invited him to celebrate Eucharist. He can do the 1662 service as it is more familiar to him.

ii.     On 30th September SP will be in Staffordshire. As the 5th Sunday, there will be a joint service in Rodney Stoke, who prefer Mattins from the prayer book. Alistair Glanville will celebrate. Josie and Colin Symes will be renewing their marriage vows.

iii.   Pulpit swaps- this will be extended to Readers.

iv.   Maundy Thursday- a volunteer (or several) are needed to have their feet washed. Readers- Colette, Richard, Nikki; preacher is Chris.

v.    Ascension Day- songs of praise at Cheddar.

vi.   Pentecost. May 27th- LMG event at Badgeworth, Flagstaff Farm. Bring and Share tea at 5, service at 6. Music and drama- SP has entered us for the latter, which should last 5-7 min and be on the theme of 'renewal'. SP has written a piece, with a cast of 5. There will be a release of flame-coloured balloons at the end.

7 b.††††† Fabric- covered.

7 c.††††† Finance

DC reported that we can present short accounts, of income and expenditure in the current year only (rather than going back over the previous year or years).

Accounts were presented, and agreed by the PCC.

7 d.††††† Fund raising

††††††††††††††† (nothing to report)

7 e.††††† LMG

††††††††††††††† (covered)

7 f.†††††† Events group.

††††††††††††††† (no fundraising events forthcoming)

7 g.††††† Admission of children to communion.

SP had replied to the letter from diocese- the measures suggested were not suitable for us, as there is not a large enough pool of children who are often enough at church to be given the kind of instruction envisaged. We shall continue as we do at the moment, but there should be a 'form of words' to make our position clear to everyone.

8.      Items of New Business

8 a.††††† Book on Church Management.

SP said that he wanted to buy a new book entitles Practical Church Management: A Guide for Every Parish', by James Behrens (about £20). The meeting agreed


9.      Dates

22nd April: APCM (6 for 6:30 in church)

22nd May: next PCC meeting (7:30 at the Jeffs)

10. Closing prayer

The meeting was closed with the Grace.

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