Minutes of the Parochial Church Council, St. Peterís Draycott

Held on 25/10/2005 at 7:30 p.m. in the church.††††††††††††††††††††††††††††


1.†††† Opening prayers. 1

2.†††† Attendance and apologies. 1

3.†††† Minutes of previous meeting. 1

4.†††† Arising, actions. 1

5.†††† Any other business. 2

6.†††† Items for Decision. 2

6 a.††††† Chancel decoration. 2

6 b††††† Kiev Accordion Concert. 2

6 c††††† Distribution of newsletter. 3

6 d††††† Toilet seat. 3

6 e.††††† Linen. 3

6 f.††††† Kettle. 3

6 g.†††† Notice for outside waste bin. 3

6 h.†††† Charities group. 3

7.†††† Items for Discussion. 3

7 a.††††† Worship. 3

7 b.†††† Fabric. 3

7 c.††††† Finance. 3

7 d.†††† Fundraising. 4

7 e.††††† Sale of vicarage. 4

7 f.††††† Font. 4

7 g††††† Community in the Church. 4

7 h††††† Deanery Synod report. 4

7 i†††††† Replacement PCC officers. 4

7 j†††††† Diocesan synod. 4

7 k††††† Graves. 4

8.†††† New business. 4

8 a.††††† Church re-ordering. 4

9.†††† Dates. 4

10.††††† Closing prayer 4


1.      Opening prayers

Stanley opened the meeting with a prayer and Thea took the chair.

2.      Attendance and apologies


Gillian Crease

John Cartwright Wendy Cartwright Richard Dingley

Sylvia Dingley

Chris Green

Tricia Heckbert









Present- contd.

Colette Jeff

Stanley Price



Thea Oliver

Victor Skinner

Lorne Talbot










3.      Minutes of previous meeting

Minutes of 06/09/2005 meeting were agreed as accurate with some minor corrections.

4.      Arising, actions

(not covered in Agenda)

from previous minutes

7 h (iv) (Approach to Roger Reeson). He will not be available until later in the year

from minutes of 06/09/05

6 b. (St. Maryís Bishop Lydeard appeal) Done.

6 d. (Wheelie bin). Has been located.

6 e. (Toilet seat). Not done yet- not quite as easy as we thought.

6 f. (Boiler controls). Mr. Moulton contacted- appointment made to meet SP in church.

7 a. (Order of service). Deferred until the end of agreed 6 month trial period.

7 a. (Letter to Annabel and Tricia). Sent.

7 b. (Documentation re. graves from CG to SD). Done.

7 c. (Faculty). Done.

7 e. (Membership of Somerset Churches & Chapels). Done.

8 d. (Enquiry to Sanders). Done- gave JC 2 names, but attempts to contact not yet successful.
FURTHER ACTION: leave it for now, seems to be caught up with discussion between Parish Council and MDC.

5.      Any other business

Points for information (given by SP here):

        M. (child at Post Office, baptised at Draycott recently)- is poorly, undergoing tests. Please remember her in your prayers

        First LMG prayer meeting was held at Axbridge. This is going to carry on every 2nd Saturday, 8-9 in morning. Next is 12th November.

        LMG- meeting next Tuesday at Biddisham village hall. From 7- bring and share food, all welcome.ACTION: announce in church next Sunday

6.      Items for Decision

6 a.††††† Chancel decoration.

Work will start in 1st week of November (a little delayed); they hope to finish before Christmas. We can use the outside scaffolding to replace the bell ropes. The inside scaffolding can be used for redecorating the ceiling in the choir. NB. The old colour is bright blue, would not need a faculty if we used the same colour- it also needs to be a distemper type paint, of a type specified by the architect. They need to re-batten the roof before it can be done. This idea is put before the meeting for a decision.

Propose that we go ahead with existing colour: JC. Seconded by CJ. All agreed. Get a quote from local workmen where possible.
ACTION: Get specification from George (RD)

ACTION: Contact local builders with specification (CG)

6 b†††††† Kiev Accordion Concert.

We have been approached by Igor, the leader of a duo of Ukrainian accordion players who are raising money for a village in the Ukraine, near to Chernobyl. They do not charge a fee but would like donations. Timing- July /August 2006.
ACTION: Agreed, SP to contact Igor.

6 c†††††† Distribution of newsletter.

Sometimes bundles of newsletters get left undelivered in church. When this happens they need to be taken round to the distributor.
ACTION: Someone to ask Heather Robinson to append a list of the newletter recipients to each bundle, so they can be delivered by someone else if necessary (CJ will ask).

6 d†††††† Toilet seat.

Doesnít stay up. Buy an adjustable one? Better solution might be to remove lid
ACTION: Someone (?) to try removing lid.

6 e.††††† Linen.

RD has a collection of worn linen. Suggests that he take it to Heather Robinson to investigate repair or renewal. (Agreed)
ACTION: RD to contact Heather.

6 f.†††††† Kettle.

The current kettle is in need of repair or replacement. The meeting agreed on the latter course- Barbara Brice would be a good person to choose a replacement.
ACTION: RD to speak to Barbara.

6 g.††††† Notice for outside waste bin.

Wilf Lacey wants a notice to ask for dead flowers to be put in the bin, and not on the bonfire.
ACTION: CJ kindly volunteered to make a laminated one.

6 h.††††† Charities group.

We need some volunteers to vet requests and decide on disbursements.
ACTION: Call for volunteers in church.

7.      Items for Discussion

7 a.††††† Worship

i.           This Sunday- we are trying a new Eucharistic service based on an Iona liturgy- SP commended it to us all.

ii.          Next non-Eucharistic service- Peter Tullett on 6th November

iii.        Will produce a schedule for special services next year, but we had previously agreed to try the current experiment for six months. We will review the past programme before taking decisions on a new one.

7 b.††††† Fabric.

(Mostly covered elsewhere). Contractor have received (and signed for) their keys. Can cleaners work on Saturdays, as the workmen wonít be active then?

7 c.††††† Finance

i.           Can we pay more parish share? Wait until we have paid some of our forthcoming bills. Review the situation when we get our next cheque from English Heritage.

ii.          JC has received another covenant declaration.

7 d.††††† Fundraising.

(VS not here- deferred).

7 e.††††† Sale of vicarage.

This has now been sold (how much for? We did not know). SP is still pursuing the question of reimbursement of our share- CG had supplied him with transcripts of sections of relevant PCC minutes.

7 f.†††††† Font.

Should we consider selling it? Lots of things to spend money on as part of re-ordering.
: Too soon to decide. Revisit after we get the report.

7 g†††††† Community in the Church.

SP demonstrated a scale model of the RS version. Main panel costs £75, feature panel (interchangeable) £30. We discussed a system suitable for St. Peterís. We were keen on something that would be multipurpose (e.g. able to act as display boards for childrenís artwork). The back of the church might be better than the whole length of the nave.
: St. Peterís development will be considered as part of re-ordering.

7 h†††††† Deanery Synod report.

The report was introduced by WC and distributed in written form. We thanked Wendy.

7 i††††††† Replacement PCC officers.

No volunteers for the treasurer and covenant secretary posts. Do we need a deputy warden to cover RDís next absences? We thought it was a good idea (proposed: WC, seconded: JC).
ACTION: (??).

7 j††††††† Diocesan synod.

Reported by SD. With Bishop Peter- getting lively. Proceedings in the grapevine.
ACTION: Could Sylvia get an article together for the newsletter?.

7 k†††††† Graves.

Some of the stones that have been laid down need to be lifted so that names can be read.
ACTION: Get some volunteers together after church one morning.

8.      New business

8 a.††††† Church re-ordering.

RD distributed a paper with some ideas.
ACTION: All to read and discuss at next meeting.

9.      Dates

Next PCC meeting: Monday 5th December at 7:30 in the church.

10. Closing prayer

The meeting was closed with a prayer for M.

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