Minutes of the Parochial Church Council, St. Peter’s Draycott

Held on 06/09/2005 at 7:30 p.m. in the church.                            

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1.     Opening prayers. 1

2.     Attendance and apologies. 1

3.     Minutes of previous meeting. 1

4.     Arising, actions. 1

5.     Any other business. 2

6.     Items for Decision. 2

6 a.      Harvest Theme for 9th October. 2

6 b      St. Mary’s Church Appeal, Bishop Lideard. 2

6 c      Photocopier. 2

6 d      Wheelie Bin. 2

6 e.      Toilet seat. 2

6 f.      Boiler controls. 2

7.     Items for Discussion. 3

7 a.      Worship. 3

7 b.      Memorials update. 3

7 c.      Fabric. 3

7 d.     Finance. 3

7 e.      Fundraising. 3

7 f.      Sale of vicarage. 4

8.     New business. 4

8 a.      Replacement Treasurer. 4

8 b.     Replacement Covenant Secretary. 4

8 c.      Church Survey Report 4

8 d.     Gardening services. 4

9.     Dates. 4

10.      Closing prayer 4


1.      Opening prayers

Stanley opened the meeting with a prayer and Thea took the chair.

2.      Attendance and apologies


Gillian Crease

John Cartwright Wendy Cartwright Richard Dingley

Sylvia Dingley

Chris Green

Tricia Heckbert









Present- contd.

Colette Jeff

Thea Oliver

Stanley Price

Victor Skinner



Lorne Talbot










3.      Minutes of previous meeting

Minutes of 19/07/2005 meeting were agreed as accurate.

4.      Arising, actions

(not covered in Agenda)

from previous minutes

7 h (iv) (Approach to Roger Reeson). Not done yet.

FURTHER ACTION: SP to try again.

from minutes of 19/07/05

6 a. (Key inventory). List is now complete, but still need signatures for five of the keys.

6 b. (Electoral roll letter). Done.

6 c. (Ecumenical Lent Course). Idea put to Fraternal by SP, favourable response.

6 e. (Writing to Mark Rickard, Joe Hogan, DBE re. school governors). Done.

7 c. (Accident claim documents). Sent.

7 h. (Report on Font). TO has just talked to our potential buyer- he will produce a full report later.

8 b. (Peace). The suggested actions are being done.

5.      Any other business

            (6  items were placed on the agenda in different places).

6.      Items for Decision

6 a.      Harvest Theme for 9th October.

Different options:

·        World Vision. Angola, micro loan scheme.

·        USPG “curry party”- organic farm trading, Tamil Nadu

·        Practical Action- intermediate technology.

Decision of the meeting was for World Vision. NB. donations of food would go to Sisters of the Church in Bristol, as usual. Profits from the evening event (barn dance) would be split between World Vision and the Church Restoration Fund.

6 b       St. Mary’s Church Appeal, Bishop Lideard.

We agreed to send £10, the amount requested.

ACTION: CG to get cheque from Wendy and send.

 6 c      Photocopier.

The servicing bill was £164. This is not cost-effective. We will now use it for as long as possible without further servicing, and then get rid of it. Best to pay per page.

6 d       Wheelie Bin.

Not in its proper place- where is it? May be outside Audrey’s house.

ACTION: TO will look.

6 e.      Toilet seat.

Doesn’t stay up. Buy an adjustable one? Better solution might be to remove lid
ACTION: Someone (?) to try removing lid.

6 f.       Boiler controls.

Mr. Moulton has given us a quote of £60-£70 to move them- then we can open the church. This was agreed by the meeting.
ACTION: SP to give Mr. Moulton the go-ahead.

7.      Items for Discussion

7 a.      Worship

Good attendance at ‘New Start’ service. Stanley thought it might help such ‘home-grown’ services to have an order of service to base them on.

ACTION: Worship group to discuss order of service (Thurs 13th Oct).

ACTION: CG to write to Annabel Astle and Tricia Lumley thanking them

7 b.      Memorials update

Sylvia had not got the documentation to hand.

ACTION: CG to provide a copy


7 c.      Fabric.

i.           Scaffolding will be up in 2 weeks

ii.          The faculty is out of date- requires a resolution from the PCC. The PCC resolved to accept the recommendation for the completion of the roof repairs in accordance with the specification and schedule of works by Chedburn Design and Conservation amended in May 2005 and plans 918/10 and 11 for the acceptable tender price of £61,738 excluding VAT.  (Proposed by Vic Skinner, seconded by Richard Dingley; carried unanimously).
ACTION: RD to apply for the faculty, with a certificate of the above resolution.

7 d.      Finance

(see also separate sheet).

i.           We have paid £2,500 so far towards our parish share

ii.          Our electricity bill is going up to £18 per month (was £10)

iii.        We have not yet received the £24,000 from English Heritage- they will only release that when they have a copy of our contract with the builders.

iv.        Who deals with charities now? We don’t currently have a group
ACTION- bring ideas to the next meeting

v.         Covenants- one person has increased their declaration by 100%.

7 e.      Fundraising.

JC suggested a jumble sale. However there is a lot of competition- really needs a new ‘spin’ these days (car boot sale?). Another idea- a 50:50 antiques sale.

Victor’s report

i.           The lottery funding has now been officially proposed and accepted by us.

ii.          We have been promised £2000 from Somerset Churches and Chapels.

iii.        Victor is preparing an application for the Historical Churches Preservation Trust. We are asking for £4-5,000.

iv.        We have received a grant of £200 from the Strawberry Fayre committee- a cheque is on its way.
ACTION: must write when we have received it

v.         Victor is planning to apply to Wyvern Environmental Waste Management for a further grant.

vi.        Skittles: the organisers have offered to set up another competition, with proceeds going to the church. We accept! NB. there is an old Skittles trophy cup in JC’s attic- could this be used?

vii.      Friends of Somerset Chapels & Churches

We were asked to display a sign in church acknowledging the grant. We have also been invited to become members, for the sum of £25 p.a. Both were agreed.
ACTION: CG to get cheque from Wendy and apply

7 f.       Sale of vicarage.

We have received a letter from Penny Cooke (Diocesan Property Officer) in response to our previous representations. It was read out to the meeting. The conclusion was that we have made our point, but are not much further forward.

8.      New business

8 a.      Replacement Treasurer.

Any ideas? Roger Reeson is a possibility- retiring on 16th October.
ACTION: SP to contact Mr. Reeson.

8 b.      Replacement Covenant Secretary

We must all keep thinking.

ACTION: CG to place advertisement in parish newsletter

8 c.      Church Survey Report

Received for our attention. Mainly comments rather than numbers

ACTION: CG to circulate.

8 d.      Gardening services

Wendy passed on an advertisement from some local gardening services for our attention. Could we use them in pollarding the avenue of limes? Opinion was that we should seek an expert.
ACTION: JC will make enquiries at Gardener’s World Garden Centre.

9.      Dates

Next PCC meeting: Tuesday 25th October at 7:30 in the church. (Thea presented her apologies)

10. Closing prayer

The meeting was closed with the Grace.

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