Minutes of the Parochial Church Council, St. Peter’s Draycott

Held on 21/06/2004 at 7:30 p.m. in the church.

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1.     Opening prayers. 1

2.     Attendance and apologies. 1

3.     Minutes of previous meeting. 1

4.     Report on actions taken. 1

5.     Any other business. 2

5 a.      Monuments in open churchyard. 2

5 b.     Next phase of refurbishment project. 2

5 c.      Use of church. 2

6.     Items for Decision. 2

6 a.      Garden of remembrance. 2

6 b.     APCM minutes. 2

7.     Items for Discussion. 2

7 a.      Worship. 2

7 b.     Fabric. 3

7 c.      Finance. 3

7 d.     Fund Raising. 3

7 e.      Web site. 3

8.     New business. 3

8 a.      Correspondence. 3

8 b.     Dates. 3

9.     Closing prayer 3


1.      Opening prayers

Richard Dingley opened the meeting with a prayer and took the chair.

2.      Attendance and apologies


John Cartwright Wendy Cartwright

Richard Dingley

Sylvia Dingley

Chris Green


Colette Jeff

Wilf Lacey

Victor Skinner

Lorne Talbot


Julie Brown

Audrey Morgan

Thea Oliver

Stanley Price

3.      Minutes of previous meeting

Minutes of 17th May were agreed as correct.

4.      Report on actions taken

(previous actions)

7 b.      (Hearing loop etc.) We have started to get Christian Oliver to look at a speaker/amplifier system. If usable this might be a temporary expedient. ACTION: wait for a report back.

7 c.      (Payment of parish share). £1000 has now been paid.

7 e.      (Area for cremated remains- sandblasting chain). Wilf reported that he can get this done for free. ACTION: please go ahead!

(raised 17th May)

5          Ash tree in churchyard. This is not really our responsibility.

6 a.      (Advertising for a new treasurer). This had not yet been done- not assigned to anyone!
ACTION: CG to put something in the July/ August magazine (copy date for July passed)

7 c.      (Boiler servicing). This has been done, by Chris Hill of Horwood Plumbing & Heating. The boiler is in good condition.

7 g.      (Clypping service). We need 15 people for this, to take place at 2:30.

8 b.      (Church publicity). Victor has had an article published in the local paper. He may do another one for the Grapevine.

5.      Any other business

5 a.      Monuments in open churchyard.

Stanley had circulated a letter concerning a requirement for faculties to make safe monuments in open churchyards. This did not apply to us. ACTION: for filing- no further action.

5 b.      Next phase of refurbishment project.

We to authorise the architect to action the next phase.
ACTION: RD will contact Mr. Chedburn and ask him to proceed with planning the works to be covered by the lottery grant- also with those required by the Disabilities Discrimination Act legislation.

5 c.      Use of church.

            Wilf said that the church should be available for use by the babies and toddlers group.
ACTION: Thea has already been in touch with them.

6.      Items for Decision

6 a.      Garden of remembrance.

            Julie has written asking this to be raised at our meeting (letter printed on the back of the agenda).
ACTION: We should review Rodney Stoke’s solution to this when it is finished before taking further action.

6 b.      APCM minutes.

            The secretary brought to the meeting’s attention that the draft minutes of the APCM were now available for display.
ACTION: Printed minutes to be displayed on the notice board inside the church; electronic version on the website.


7.      Items for Discussion

7 a.      Worship

The current project for the worship group is the questionnaire. This needs closure.
ACTION: RD will announce a closing date of Sunday 11th July.


7 b.      Fabric

Can we ask the architect that the gap between the roof and west wall be sealed, as mess from the bats gets into the church this way. (Perhaps this is best dealt with as part of the redecoration?)
ACTION: RD to take up with Mr. Chedburn.


7 c.      Finance

·        We have just received a cheque for £607 in settlement of an insurance claim for storm damage to the roof in 2002, after a supporting statement was provided by West Country Tiling. The meeting thanked John Cartwright for his persistence in seeing this through.

·        The Cheddar Male Voice Choir event raised approximately £900. The evening was very successful.

·        We took £155 from book sales at the Strawberry Fayer.

·        The £4,500 from English Heritage was with us on 3rd June.


7 d.      Fund Raising

·        Two further fund-raising book sales are planned: 3rd July (Lions event, at Fairlands); 17th July (Wells market).

·        We have booked the village hall 7th May 2005 for a VE day dance.

·        Names of raffle prize winners have been displayed at the Post Office


7 e.      Web site

CG updated the meeting on Web site developments. The next development will be a site with pictures of church events that have taken place.

8.      New business

8 a.      Correspondence

The diocesan handbook return had been completed and sent.


8 b.      Dates

Next PCC meeting: 20th July (confirmed).


9.      Closing prayer

The meeting closed with the Grace.

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