Minutes of the Parochial Church Council, St. Peters Draycott

Held on 06/02/2004 at 8 p.m. at Villa Westfield, Wells Road, Draycott.


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1. Opening prayers. 1

2. Attendance and apologies. 1

3. Minutes of previous meeting. 1

4. Report on actions taken. 1

5. Any other business. 2

6. Items for Decision. 2

6.1 Measures to counter 'vandalism' 2

6.2 Payment of 700.72 to West Country Tiling. 2

6.3 PCC invitations to 'First to the Lord'. 2

7. Items for Discussion. 2

7.1 Parish Away Day- report from group. 2

7.2 Easter worship (and other worship) 3

7.3 Lent course. 3

7.4 Continued suspension of living. 3

7.5 Area for cremated remains. 3

7.6 Help for the vicar in parish visiting. 3

7.7 School Governors report (postponed) 3

7.8 Deanery Synod report. 4

7.9 Finance. 4

7.10 Fundraising. 4

8. New business. 4

8.1 African Orphan's Choir. 4

8.2 Digitisation of church records. 4

9. Dates of next meetings. 4

10. Closing prayer 4


1.      Opening prayers

Stanley Price opened the meeting with a prayer. Richard Dingley took the chair.

2.      Attendance and apologies


Julie Brown

Richard Dingley

Sylvia Dingley

Tricia Corrick

Chris Green


Colette Jeff

Wilf Lacey

Stanley Price John Cartwright

Victor Skinner


Audrey Morgan

Thea Oliver

Wendy Cartwright


3.      Minutes of previous meeting

Minutes of 7th January were agreed as correct.

4.      Report on actions taken

5.4              (Good Friday service). Nikki is willing, but wanted to know more about the service plans so far.
RD said that Judith Rose has been asked for two meditations, one dealing with the crucifixion and the second dealing with 'waiting for resurrection'. The service is to be attended by Mr. Philip Day, the photographer-in-residence of the diocese.

5.5              (Charity fund) Has been dealt with- 100 for bibles to Sierra Leone, 50 for new Hospice in the South West (there may also have been a contribution for the mission fund to Zambia, Sylvia was not sure). RD has been in touch with the Bible Society, and has determined a mix of different editions that can be sent within our budget.

6.1              (John Peddar). Has been paid.

6.5              (Domestic Abuse Helpline information). Stanley will do this in March.

6.5              (Parish survey). Tricia is doing the headcount.

5.      Any other business

Several items were accepted for other business.

6.      Items for Decision

6.1    Measures to counter 'vandalism'

        Two weeks ago, the boiler was switched off (in the middle of some very cold weather). The week before, a mess had been made in church, and the week before, some further mess (human excreta) had been cleared up by Thea. Consequently, the church has been locked for the last week, but we do not want to have to continue this. What shall we do?

        NB. We are pretty sure of the person who is doing this- he is well known in the villages round about. He has mental health problems and a number of people (including church people) have tried to talk to him, but he is not accepting any help. Stanley has consulted Keith Fox (the community psychiatric worker) but the person in question is not known to the local service.

        The following ideas were put forward:

   We could move the heading controls so that they were behind the locked door.

   We could try to use CCTV to catch the culprit in the act.

   We could use CCTV notices as a warning to deter this activity.

        We are going to open the church up again after a short while.

6.2    Payment of 700.72 to West Country Tiling.

        We agreed to pay this- John Cartwright to action.

6.3    PCC invitations to 'First to the Lord'.

        Invitations had been received for all the PCC- these were distributed

7.      Items for Discussion

7.1    Parish Away Day- report from group.

        The working party suggest that the Greens be invited to run a day which would look at what issues were currently facing the work of the church in the world at large, and at how these issues might affect our own spirituality and activity.

        It was suggested that for the afternoon session art and music could inform our reflections. Bring own lunch- coffee & tea provided. No charge, but we need at least 12 people.


      Colette has arranged to visit to check the venue.

      Stanley will talk to Ernest & Dorothea.

      We need something in the magazine- Colette will write.

7.2    Easter worship (and other worship)

        An example of a 'six month service planner' was circulated. Stanley would like to call for volunteers and suggestions- which could include suggestions for a sermon (e.g. how about an address from a veteran of D-Day to mark the anniversary this year?).

        Maundy Thursday- we are investigating the Passover celebration from CMJ (pub. 1999)- there are 10 copies on the way. The celebration does not include communion. Stanley will feed back to the group on this.

        Palm Sunday- we were in favour of processing. NB. we have palms left over from last year, so should not have to purchase them.

7.3    Lent course.

We are doing the Bishop's 'Changing Lives' course, although details of venues, leaders etc. have not been finalised yet. There will be at least four sessions per week. Richard and Stanley are going to lead a group each.

7.4    Continued suspension of living.

The new Archdeacon (Peter Maurice) will be coming to evensong on 8th Feb, and will then talk to us on the suspension of the living.

7.5    Area for cremated remains.

Julie has written a contribution on this, which she presented- please see separate sheet. Chris Kembury has drawn up a plan for Rodney Stoke- Stanley will share with us the sketch which Chris has made. NB. Would families be prepared to help with the expense, as we don't have the money ourselves? It was also suggested that the rusty chain should be removed, as it looks unsightly and might trip people.
ACTION: Item to remain on the agenda for further discussion. Full text of Julie's contribution to be sent to CG to publish with the minutes.

7.6    Help for the vicar in parish visiting

        Stanley asks: could people who are visiting others (e.g. sick, bereaved) let Stanley know- also, if people have requested a visit.

        Stanley is taking communion to the Laurels and Sealey Close with vessels from the church. Do we have spares- especially a small set of chalice/patten/cruet? (No, all we had has been given away).

        Thea asked about a village welcome pack, and sent a letter for us to look at (also sent a copy to St. Leonard's, so that they could produce their own version). She suggests that this could be given out to newcomers to the village, together with a complimentary copy of the Newsletter. It was proposed to go with this idea and think about revising the old welcome pack. The meeting agreed. Could we ask for local businesses to pay the costs of the new pack? Stanley suggested that we have a single version for both Draycott and Rodney Stoke, with the website address for further information
ACTION: Richard will look out the old welcome pack. We should discuss the revision of this at the next meeting.

7.7    School Governors report (postponed)

In Thea's absence, postpone till the next meeting.

7.8    Deanery Synod report.

        Julie said that Ann Percival will submit a full report to the Newsletter.

        One item which caught our attention was that Crook Peak parish have proposed a reduction in their parish share. We are all in the same boat!

        Shipham church has been the beneficiary of a legacy, and has had a facelift.

7.9    Finance

        The accounts were being audited; a draft was shared with the meeting. NB. more than a single signed copy will be prepared.

        The meeting needs to decide on which 'common fund category' our parish falls into- from 'a' through to 'd'. Richard explained the categories to us, and we discussed them. John Cartwright proposed that we should place ourselves in category 'c', as previously. Colette Jeff seconded this, and the meeting agreed (nem. con.)

7.10     Fundraising

        Vic met with English Heritage. They inspected the church and our accounts. They pointed out that some of the tiles had slipped on the north of the nave, which had not previously been noticed. This needs to be looked at. They also suggested that our figures were out of date, and that we required 60,000 rather than 40,000. They seemed impressed by what we had done and were encouraging. Vic is 'cautiously optimistic'.

        The new Roof Repair and Refurbishment Fund Raising Committee met on the 27th January. Notes to be provided (see separate sheet). Next meeting: 24th February.

        CG has obtained a claim form for the storm damage (see last item in 6.3 of previous meeting). It was suggested that this should be dealt with by West Country Tiling, and we should send the forms together with the cheque for the money we owe them.

8.      New business

8.1    African Orphan's Choir.

        This choir has enquired about St. Peter's as a possible venue. There are 25 children. After a discussion, it was suggested that a Wells venue would be better for them.

8.2    Digitisation of church records.

        The Church of Latter Day Saints are proposing to digitise our records up to 1900. Do we want this to happen? (The meeting had no objections).

9.      Dates of next meetings

        The Deanery Choral Festival will take place 27th June, in Cheddar.

        Next PCC meeting: Tuesday 30th March at Julie Brown's house (i.e. before the APCM).

10. Closing prayer

The meeting closed with the Grace.

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