Minutes of the Parochial Church Council, St. Peterís Draycott

Held on 20/10/2003 at 8 p.m. at Villa Westfield, Wells Road, Draycott.


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1.†††† Opening prayers. 1

2.†††† Attendance and apologies. 1

3.†††† Minutes and report on actions taken. 1

4.†††† Any other business. 2

5.†††† Items for Decision. 2

5.1††††† Parish Away Day. 2

5.2††††† Christmas card purchase. 2

5.3††††† Appointment of PCC representative to School Governors. 2

5.4††††† Replacement of Maureen Richardson as organiser of the flower rota/ Hall committee. 2

5.5††††† Worship Review Group. 2

5.6††††† Renovation of noticeboard in Glebe Field. 2

6.Items for Discussion. 3

6.1††††† Treasurer's report. 3

6.2††††† Fabric report 3

6.3††††† Deanery Synod report 3

6.4††††† Diocesan Synod report. 3

6.5††††† School Governor's report 3

6.6††††† Re-ordering group. 4

6.7††††† Charitable giving policy. 4

6.8††††† Village carol singing event 4

6.9††††† Correspondence. 4

7†††† New business. 4

7.1††††† New hymn books. 4

7.2††††† Visiting: 4

7.3††††† Joint services. 4

7.4††††† Lent course. 4

8.Next meeting. 4


(NB. the new format of the agenda)

1.      Opening prayers

Stanley Price opened the meeting with a prayer, and took the chair.

2.      Attendance and apologies



Julie Brown

Richard Dingley

Sylvia Dingley

Trish Corrick

Chris Green

Colette Jeff

Wilf Lacey

Audrey Morgan

Thea Oliver

Stanley Price

John Cartwright

Wendy Cartwright

Victor Skinner



3.      Minutes and report on actions taken


4.      Any other business

Several items were accepted for other business.

5.      Items for Decision

5.1    Parish Away Day

        We discussed the importance of the Away Day idea. Proposal is to visit St. Hugh's Chapel, Charterhouse, on Saturday 27th March 2004. The booking fee is £20.

        We need a topic to discuss; 'servanthood' suggested.

        The program could include: studying different parts of the bible, having lunch, and sharing in an act of worship. Suggested time: 10 a.m. until 4 p.m.

        This was agreed; £20 can be paid.

5.2    Christmas card purchase

        Stanley has a catalogue. We agreed that he can choose.

5.3    Appointment of PCC representative to School Governors

        Stanley has spoken with three potential candidates: the Astles, Lawn Talbot, Andy Champion. Geoff Astle is pleased to accept
ACTION: Chris to write to Geoff with formal endorsement of PCC.

        We don't need to have two more parent governors until 2006.

5.4    Replacement of Maureen Richardson as organiser of the flower rota/ Hall committee.

        After an animated discussion on the flower rota, it was suggested that the ladies form a flower subcommittee; four will meet to organise the rota. There needs to be a single contact person for this.
ACTION:Ladies to meet and progress the different aspects of flower arranging (rota, recovering costs etc.)

        Trish is ready to be our representative on the Hall Committee. We accepted with gratitude.
ACTION:Chris to write to Maureen with our thanks for her work on this and on the flower rota.

5.5    Worship Review Group.

        We have a questionnaire; now we need to distribute it. Could we put it out with the magazine, or maybe the Christmas cards?

        Kings of Wessex seems to be the cheapest, but it would be best to buy our own paper. Authority was given to Stanley to spend £70 on paper and copying.

5.6    Renovation of notice board in Glebe Field

        How much are the new ones? Richard has researched but he had no details with him. He thought that the cost was about £300 for a good-sized one.

        John Pedder could have a go at repairing the notice board in the church porch, but we really need to know whether repair of the porch is part of the present works.

        The PCC authorised expenditure of £300 for a new notice board.
ACTION: Richard to investigate further and make a purchase if he is happy.

6.Items for Discussion

6.1    Treasurer's report.

        The report was circulated.

        Hearing loop: the hall committee says that we can get it for free! Victor should get in touch with Cyril Wills.

        We recommend to Wendy that we pay £1000 to the Parish Share
Proposed: Chris Green
Seconded: Stanley Price
passed nem. con.

6.2    Fabric report

Chris Green had tried to draft a letter to query our payment for extra scaffolding hire (see last minutes, 9.2). However, although Richard Dingley had supplied the documentation which he has, this was not sufficient to determine the course of events. Specifically, we needed to be able to demonstrate that we had given the go-ahead for the roof repair in ample time to avoid the start of the breeding season of the bats. If the delays were entirely due to other parties involved, we might have been able to claim that the extra expense should be borne by them. However, the only relevant letters I had were one from Chedburn dated 23rd April 2003 acknowledging that West Country Tiling were going to start work soon (by which time the bats would have already been breeding). There is no written instruction from us in the case.
ACTION: Chris to get additional documentation to understand who instructed whom to do what, and when. This will probably have to come from Chedburn.

(NB. the following part was provided afterwards by Richard Dingley for inclusion in the minutes).

        The roofers have nearly completed the present phase. I estimate that it might last a further week or so.

        John Pedder will examine the left front nave floor after the funeral on Friday, probably from next week. Wilf has arranged for the purchase of the needed timbers through a friend at wholesale prices. John may need some help at times and we should appoint someone to be responsible for the authorisation of expenditure and arranging payments.

        Loo key to be returned to our house by one of us- John Pedder can use.

6.3    Deanery Synod report

This was presented by Julie Brown.Julie was thanked by the meeting

6.4    Diocesan Synod report.

This was presented by Sylvia Dingley.One of the most significant reports was that the council for social responsibility had been dissolved. Sylvia was thanked by the meeting.

6.5    School Governor's report

There was nothing much to report before the governor's meeting of tomorrow.

6.6    Re-ordering group.

The report was presented as a written document to be inserted in the minutes (see separate page on back of agenda). Richard also mentioned that he is organising trips to some other buildings which have been renovated, to give us ideas and inspiration.

6.7    Charitable giving policy.

We need to decide whether to continue to restrict charitable giving to funds raised specifically for the purposed. In the meantime, Audrey Morgan volunteered to organise an Advent lunch as a charitable fundraising event, in lieu of carol singing (which would not take place this year). The meeting accepted the suggestion and thanked Audrey.

6.8    Village carol singing event

This is due to happen on December 5th in the Village Hall. Stanley will lead on this and liase with Cheddar Male Voice Choir. It will be a village and community event, for which tickets will be sold.

6.9    Correspondence.

There was nothing further to raise which had not been presented earlier (see 6.2, above). In future we should have standing agenda items on incoming and outgoing correspondence within the 'items for discussion' section.

7          New business

7.1    New hymn books

We should look into replacing the current ones.

7.2    Visiting:

Stanley enjoys doing this, but must concentrate on visits connected with funerals. Can others take on some of this task on Stanley's behalf? This is a call for volunteers!

7.3    Joint services

Some of us are very keen on having joint services with Rodney Stoke, perhaps with the venue alternating between Draycott and Rodney Stoke. Thea suggested the 5th Sunday of the month at first.

7.4    Lent course

At our next meeting, we should consider what study course to adopt for Lent.

8.Next meeting

The next meeting will be on Wednesday 7th January 2004. Apologies were received in advance from Julie.

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