Minutes of the Parochial Church Council, St. Peter’s Draycott

Held on 11/09/2003 at 8 p.m. in the church.

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1.  Opening prayers. 1

2.  Attendance and apologies. 1

3.  Matters to be raised under Other Business. 1

4.  Minutes of the meeting of 29/07/2003. 1

5.  Matters arising from the minutes. 1

6.  Proposal for changes of meeting format 2

7.  Worship. 2

8.  Mission. 2

9.  Fabric report 2

10.  Finance report 2

11. Roof & Restoration committee. 3

12. School Report 3

13. Dates for future meetings. 3

14. Other business. 3

15. Closing prayer 3


1.  Opening prayers

Stanley Price opened the meeting with a prayer. Richard took the chair.

2.  Attendance and apologies


Wendy Cartwright

Trish Corrick

Chris Green

Colette Jeff

Audrey Morgan

Thea Oliver

Stanley Price

Victor Skinner


John Cartwright

Julie Brown

Richard Dingley

Sylvia Dingley

Wilf Lacey



3.  Matters to be raised under Other Business

4.  Minutes of the meeting of 29/07/2003

Minutes were agreed as accurate.

5.  Matters arising from the minutes

6.  Proposal for changes of meeting format

The idea was explained by Stanley. It was agreed to give it a try.
ACTION: Stanley to produce the next agenda, and the meeting to follow the new format for a trial period.

7.  Worship

7.1              The draft questionnaire prepared by the worship group was discussed. Several textual amendments were suggested and accepted. Apart from these suggestions, the questionnaire was accepted by the meeting.

7.2              The meeting was asked whether the questionnaire should be anonymous or not: there were points for and against. We decided that in Draycott it would be anonymous.

7.3              A provisional launch date of 1st November was fixed, with the collection to be completed in 2 weeks. Further details to be finalised by the worship group.

8.  Mission

8.1              Bible study: the first session of the ‘sermon watching’ to be held on the 2nd October.

8.2              The set of sessions (after Christmas) would be the mission of the church (literature to be circulated beforehand).

8.3              We are reminded of the invitation by Bishop Peter to a ‘First to the Lord’ meeting for the Axbridge deanery on Tuesday 16th March (at the Kings of Wessex school).

9.  Fabric report

9.1              The roof repairs have been started.

9.2              The builders have offered to share the cost of the scaffolding, so that we would only pay half price. Stanley suggested that we do not accept this, as it is the builder’s fault that the works did not start before the bats started breeding. Proposal: Stanley Price. Seconded: Wendy Cartwright. The motion was carried nem. con.
ACTION: The PCC secretary to write to the architect to this effect. Richard has the correspondence.

10.  Finance report

(Wendy Cartwright- see also separate financial statement)

10.1          We have now paid £1500 of our £10,000 parish share.

10.2          We have paid £4,000 towards the latest roof work, and obtained a receipted invoice. We are trying to get VAT back on this.

10.3          The treasurer has been circulated with details of the Churches Aid Foundation banking service. It is a high interest account, but to benefit we would need to keep £1000 in the account. It seems a lot of difficulty for very little gain. It was agreed that we stay with our present account with Lloyds.

10.4          It was agreed that we should pay another instalment of £1000 for our parish share.

10.5          Two covenants are due to expire, but should be replaced.

11. Roof & Restoration committee

(Victor Skinner)

11.1     We have received £1000 from Wyvern (applause).

11.2     The government have not cancelled the tax credit, and so Victor has applied for more money.

11.3     The Sainsbury Family Grant have not responded.

11.4     The Heritage Lottery Fund require an application by the end of September. Victor intends to reply.

11.5     We intend to start with a ‘refreshed’ committee- we need a larger one.
ACTION: Victor to write a letter of thanks, asking current members to stay on; he is also inviting anyone else who is interested to come forward. Ideally there should be 8-12 members.

11.6     A suggestion was put that we could form a separate charitable body, say a ‘Friends of St. Peters’. This was not thought to be likely to bring new support forward in our village, but it should be borne in mind.

11.7     The committee will be organising a fund-raising event over Christmas.

11.8     Victor was thanked for his leadership and hard work by the meeting.

12. School Report

(Thea Oliver)

12.1     School is back, and want to be involved in Harvest.

12.2     There are still vacancies for foundation parent governors. Stanley had tried to see several possible candidates, and was given some more names.

12.3     The school prospectus has no recognition or priority for parents of church children.

12.4     There might be some movement on the parish office front- the leases that were drawn up before the new school building have been located and copies will be sent to Stanley.

13. Dates for future meetings

Next PCC meeting: Monday 20th October. Following: Wednesday 7th January (both at 8 p.m.)


14. Other business

No other business.

15. Closing prayer

The meeting closed with the Grace.


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