Minutes of the Parochial Church Council, St. Peterís Draycott

Held on 03/03/2003 at 8 p.m. at Villa Westfield, Wells Road, Draycott.


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1.Opening prayers. 1

2.Attendance and apologies. 1

3.Matters to be raised under Other Business. 1

4.Confirmation of minutes of meeting held on 20/01/2003. 1

5.Matters arising from the minutes. 1

6.Fabric report 2

7.Finance report 2

8.Refurbishment Fund Committee report 2

9.School report 2

10. Website report 2

11. Worship. 2

12. Dates of future meetings/ events. 2

13. Any other business. 2

14. Closing prayers. 3


1.Opening prayers

Thea Oliver opened the meeting with a prayer, and took the chair.

2.Attendance and apologies



Julie Brown

John Cartwright

Wendy Cartwright

Trish Corrick

Chris Green

Colette Jeff

Wilf Lacey

Audrey Morgan

Thea Oliver

Victor Daley

Richard Dingley

Sylvia Dingley

Victor Skinner



3.Matters to be raised under Other Business

(several contributors indicated matters to be raised)

4.Confirmation of minutes of meeting held on 20/01/2003

Minutes from the previous meeting were accepted and signed.

5.Matters arising from the minutes

6.3†††††† (Rota appeal) Not announced yet. CG volunteered for sidesman duties.

6.4†††††† (Floorrepair) Not done yet- John Pedder couldnít find suitable wood in the batch that Richard had indicated that he could use.

8.6†††††† (Website and fundraising). Not done yet

8.8†††††† (Strawberry Fayre stall). We are to run a bookstall, with a bric-a-brac stall if there is enough material. The Skinners are collecting this and storing it in their garage.

8.11†††† (Notice for wall safe). Not done yet.

9.2†††††† (School articles for magazine) Thea has passed the request on but nothing yet.

9.4†††††† (Magazine jobs) Colette has been doing this.

11††††††† (Minutes on Website) Done.

12.1†††† (Nepali lunch) The later service time was not recorded in the Magazine- all regular churchgoers have been informed however.

12.2†††† (Lent study group) There are now enough venues and leaders to cover all slots.

12.4 ††† (Mothering Sunday) The service is to be at the normal time- 9:30

14.1†††† (Sticking gate) The church gate had been examined and no problem was found.

14.2†††† (Request for past minutes by JC) Done.

6.Fabric report

(Thea Oliver)

6.1         We have authorisation for £750 worth of minor works without a faculty from the Archdeacon. This should cover work on the floor, but not on the hearing loop.

6.2         Organ: Gordon Jeff says that only one of the stops is affected, and not all of the leathers need replacement. It may be possible to do some maintenance ourselves (e.g. oiling the dry leathers, keeping a bucket of water behind the organ to maintain humidity).
ACTION:Wendy to get in touch with the organ repairers and ask their advice.

6.3         The notice board has been further broken.
ACTION: RD is organising a replacement.

7.Finance report

(Wendy Cartwright- see also separate financial statement)

7.1         The accounts have been audited. Wendy will put a copy up in the church.

7.2         A sum of £1000 has been transferred from the roof account to the CBF deposit account.

7.3         After discussion we decided to sent £500 towards this yearís Parish Share.

7.4         A covenant is due to finish at the end of 2002; John Cartwright will visit.

7.5         The meeting thanked Wendy for her hard work.

8.Refurbishment Fund Committee report

(there was no-one to give this report in Victorís absence)

9.School report

(Thea- nothing new to report)

10. Website report

(Chris Green- nothing new to report)

11. Worship

11.1.   We need an organist for Mothering Sunday. Wendy volunteered, and this was gratefully accepted

11.2.   No new developments.

12. Dates of future meetings/ events

12.1     Next PCC meeting after APCM: Monday 28th April (to be confirmed at the first meeting of the new PCC after the APCM on 6th April)

13. Any other business

13.1     Pig roast- 21st June: developments.

        The chairman of the gliding club has offered two flights in a glider as a prize.

        The price of the pig roast will be £2 - £2.25 per head.

        Other details will be arranged by the subcommittee.

        We should ask the Hall Committee to waive the hire charge for the hall, as we have given them the use of the church for fundraising in the past, free of charge.
ACTION: CG to write letter to Bryan Hathway

        The meeting thanked John for organising.

13.2     Julie has decided to step down as editor of the parish magazine- 10 years is enough! She is handing it on in good condition- it makes a profit, helped by a steady advertising revenue.
The meeting thanked Julie for all her hard work over the years, and for making a success of the enterprise.

13.3     We may need to rethink the way in which the magazine is produced, and spread the net as widely as we can to find someone to take it on. After discussion it was decided that we should try and keep it as a church magazine- there is already a parish newsletter, and this church aspect is an essential part of the magazineís identity. It would be good for the editor to come from Rodney Stoke, as it is a magazine for both villages.
ACTION: we must advertise in the magazine asking for an editor. The next one or two editions may have to be produced by some interim arrangement, until the editor can be found. Wendy and Chris indicated their willingness to help out, on a temporary basis.

13.4     Parish news: we have been asked if we could contribute a general interest articleon a regular basis; NB. it comes out every 2 months.

14. Closing prayers

The meeting was closed with the Grace.

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