Minutes of the Parochial Church Council, St. Peterís Draycott

Held on 29/10/2002 at 8 p.m. at Villa Westfield, Wells Road, Draycott.


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1.Opening prayers. 1

2.Attendance and apologies. 1

3.Matters to be raised under Any Other Business. 1

4.Confirmation of minutes of meeting held on 12/09/2002. 1

5.Matters arising from the minutes. 1

6.Induction of Victor Daley as temporary priest in charge. 2

7.Meeting with Mendip District Council 2

8.Fabric report 2

9.Finance report 2

10. Refurbishment Fund Committee report 2

11. School report 2

12. Advent events and other dates. 3

13. Any other business. 3

14. Closing prayer 3


1.Opening prayers

Thea Oliver opened the meeting with a prayer, and took the chair.

2.Attendance and apologies



Julie Brown

Richard Dingley

John Cartwright

Sylvia Dingley

Wendy Cartwright

Chris Green

Trish Corrick

Victor Skinner

Colette Jeff


Wilf Lacey


Audrey Morgan


Thea Oliver



3.Matters to be raised under Any Other Business

(several items received)

4.Confirmation of minutes of meeting held on 12/09/2002

Minutes from previous meeting accepted following minor change in wording in 9.2 and finance change in 7.2.

5.Matters arising from the minutes

7.4              (Donation from Flower & Vegetable Show committee) Letter of thanks written, given to Trish

10.1†††† (Fund raising material for website) Received with thanks. CG still working on it.

11.1          (Deanery Synod at St. Peterís) Well attended and very interesting. Barbara Brice and Mavis Ball provided refreshments.
ACTION: CEJ to write letter of thanks to Mavis and Barbara.

12.1†††† (Joan Smith leaving flower rota). Letter of thanks delivered.

6.Induction of Victor Daley as temporary priest in charge

Victor Daley is to be inducted as temporary priest in charge at the Christingle Service in November by the Archdeacon. Victor said that he will conduct services once a month during the rest of the interregnum.

7.Meeting with Mendip District Council

(Report presented to PCC of a meeting on 8th October between J. Cartwright and G. Jeff with a member of Mendip District Council offices and their contractor for tree & churchyard maintenance).

This was a good report of a meeting which clarified Mendip responsibilities and the works to be carried out by them in the churchyard. Council workmen were seen on site on the 29th October.

8.Fabric report

(Thea Oliver)

8.1              Severe winds on the 28th October blew down a gutter and broke some tiles during the morning service. Thea has asked Steve Wall to look at damage and advise on action.

8.2              There is a badly rusted heater under the sink in the toilet which will need replacing. No action at present as wiring needs checking before any purchase of a heater (NB. there is no plug, only a wire in the wall).

9.Finance report

(Wendy Cartwright- see also separate financial statement)

9.1              We have now paid £6,000 of our Parish Share: 2/3 of the total requested.

9.2              The new crockery has been paid for by two anonymous donors.

9.3              The roof fund current account has £1239.51 in credit; it was agreed that £1,200 be paid into the CBF roof fund.

10. Refurbishment Fund Committee report

No information was to hand, except that the kitchen cupboard is to be re-fitted next week with shelves to store the new crockery. (There was some discussion on the flower cupboard and possible re-ordering of the same design).

11. School report

(Thea Oliver)


11.1          All is well. Sadly, few children attended the Harvest Service, but all the staff were all there.

11.2          Mrs Molessa has been asked to stay for the rest of the year to provide continuity and stability.

11.3          The next set of twins is still awaited.

11.4          PTAF fundraising event. A Somerset themed evening- 3 course meal, outside entertainment, quizzes. February 7th 2003 in school hall. Tickets £6.50. Further details from Tricia.

12. Advent events and other dates

12.1          No carol singing this year. There will be 3 coffee mornings in Advent (funds to go to charities, as for carol singing): 7th December at Lotus House (Nepal gifts on sale). 14th December: Christmas tree decorating and coffee in church. 21st December: coffee morning in church.

12.2          December 1st: Taizť evening. Thea, Ian and Peter Tullet are involved. This is an ecumenical service.

12.3          14th December: St. Leonardís concert.

12.4          23rd December: Tricia Ďat homeí for her 70th birthday. Coffee, sourp, tea and cakes, and a box for contributions to St. Peterís Church Fund.

13. Any other business

13.1          Audrey Morgan has received another appeal from Christian Aid. She will give an article to Julie for the newsletter; individuals may respond if they wish.

13.2          A letter of thanks was received from David and Hazel Sheldon for their golden wedding card and flowers.

13.3          Peter Tullett has expressed interest in the Ďhouse for dutyí and has been put in touch with the archdeacon. NB. he is currently waiting for a hip operation.

13.4          The Dingleys have arrived safely in Nepal and expect to be home on November 19th.

14. Closing prayer

The meeting was closed by Thea with a prayer.


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