Minutes of the Parochial Church Council, St. Peter’s Draycott

Held on 30/07/2002 at 8 p.m. in the church.


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1.  Opening prayers. 1

2.  Attendance and apologies. 1

3.  Matters to be raised under Any Other Business. 1

4.  Confirmation of minutes of meeting held on 17/06/2002. 1

5.  Matters arising from the minutes. 1

6.  Fabric report 1

7.  Finance report 2

8.  Refurbishment Fund Committee report 2

9. Report on the Fete. 2

10. School news. 2

11. Website update. 3

12. Review of services. 3

13. Dates for future meetings. 3

14. AOB.. 3

15. Closing prayer 3


1.  Opening prayers

Richard Dingley opened the meeting with a prayer, and took the chair.

2.  Attendance and apologies


Julie Brown

Chris Green

John Cartwright

Colette Jeff

Wendy Cartwright

Wilf Lacey

Trish Corrick

Audrey Morgan

Richard Dingley

Thea Oliver

Sylvia Dingley

Victor Skinner


3.  Matters to be raised under Any Other Business

CB, TC and AM all submitted items for AOB.

4.  Confirmation of minutes of meeting held on 17/06/2002

The minutes were agreed as correct (with minor corrections), and signed.

5.  Matters arising from the minutes

5          (Remembrance Sunday). The Memorial Hall has been booked, and Ernest Green has agreed to take the service. There will be no communion at St. Peter’s that Sunday.

7          (New appointment) No developments.

9.         (letter outlining our financial position to the Diocese). This has still to be done: CG needed some further figures, which have been supplied.
ACTION: CG to draft letter & show to Churchwardens.

10.       (Church representation on village organisations)
ACTION: RD will prepare a list to go up on the noticeboard.

6.  Fabric report

(Richard Dingley- NB. this was actually taken after item 8, reported below.

6.1              A priority is to finish the roof over the nave. We are meeting with Chedburn to adance this (see 8, below).

6.2              Hearing loop- this has not been progressed, as the person who we were dealing with was not available. Fay will see whether someone else can help. We need to investigate what alternatives there are (some are cheaper than others). We should be able to get a full grant for this.

7.  Finance report

(Wendy Cartwright- see also separate financial statement)

7.1              Our general account is £1991.61 in credit. We are in a position to send a further £1500 to the diocese towards our Parish Share
ACTION: the meeting agreed. It would be a good idea to send this with the letter to be written (see section 5, above).

7.2              We have had a letter from the Inland Revenue, saying that they had under-estimated our tax.  We should get an extra £21.16 this year, with more to come from previous years.

7.3              Profits from fete were £461 (£20 were paid in expenses). This was an excellent effort from all concerned, but most especially from John and Maureen Richardson.
ACTION: CG to write a letter of thanks to both John and Maureen.

7.4              We have had a letter from the Sequestration Board saying that we owe them £93. This is untrue, as we have sent the cheques (which have been cashed), and we are advising them accordingly!

8.  Refurbishment Fund Committee report

(Victor Skinner).

8.1              On the 15th July the committee met, with Fay Wilson-Rudd in attendance. The strategy of the fund-raising initiative was discussed. The village must be asked to decide whether they want the church.

8.2              It was proposed that we should launch at Harvest (6th October), with a lunch after the service. The appeal should not be mentioned in the service, but there would be speakers at the lunch: one to explain what is needed, the other the options for giving.  Would RD consider chairing? (Richard agreed)

8.3              An invitation to this fund-raising event had been drafted, and copies were circulated at the meeting. There was broad approval for it, as it seemed well laid out and ‘punchy’. It was suggested that with the signature there was a place for the name to be printed, as signatures are sometimes illegible. A higher-resolution picture would also be nice, although it should remain black and white on plain paper (this should not be a glossy brochure). The invitation should be circulated to every house in the village by mid August. 400 invitations will be printed.

8.4              The next meeting will be on the 7th August, at which it was hoped that the message from the bishop would be available, and the booklet/brochure could be finalised. The booklet would not be circulated with the invitation, but should be ready for the launch (6th October). 450 copies will be printed.

8.5              We shall be looking to the PCC to set an example in pledges (although they will as always be anonymous).

8.6              Once we have launched the appeal locally, we can start the serious search for external donors. They vary in their requirements to know exactly how much the local contribution comes to.

8.7              We must meet with Mr. Chedburn to ensure that the expenditure rate is achievable. We should aim for completion of the project by the next quinquennial survey, in 3½ years.

8.8              The responses to the pledge invitations would be expected within a month. When we have pledges we can plan for the period of the pledge, even to borrow money if necessary.

8.9              The wine tasting event should probably be put off until later, to keep clear of the launch.


v            Meeting with Chedburn (RD, VS)

v            Final version of the invitation document (VS)

v            Distribution of invitations, organisation of events to take place as described above (VS, RD and others to organise)

Proposed: Richard Dingley; Seconded: Audrey Morgan. Agreed nem. con.

9. Report on the Fete

(already covered in the Financial report)

10. School news

(Thea Oliver)

10.1          The last assembly is on the 17th July, and the leaver’s assembly is on the 19th July.

10.2          There will be a leaving party for Chris Hitt in the school hall.

10.3          There has already been a governor’s evening, which was used as a farewell occasion.  Thea has bought some books as a leaving gift, on behalf of the church. The meeting agreed to pay for these (£12). A framed print was presented by the diocese, with a plaque. Presents were also given to the two younger members of staff, who were departing on maternity leave.

10.4          We shall advertise for a new teacher in September.

11. Website update

(Chris Green)

11.1          The APCM minutes were published on the Website, as agreed.

11.2          After consultation with Richard and Julie, it was decided to publish the PCC minutes on the Website also. They would need to edited slightly if there were sensitive material. When PCC minutes are reviewed, we must decide which items might need to be ‘censored’ for the website. They will not be published on the website until they have been approved by the PCC.

11.3          On Julie’s suggestion, the website address is now being printed on the cover of the magazine.

11.4          CG contributed an article on the church website to the last issue.


12. Review of services

(Richard Dingley)

12.1          Harvest festival in October, Christmas morning, Remembrance Sunday: these will not be communion services.

12.2          Evening services, last Sunday in the month: to continue, but not to take place in August. In September, we shall have the youth band of the Cheddar Christian Fellowship with us again. Please could we have a few more people along?

12.3          Christingle, 24th November. Linda Whittle is arranging a speaker.

12.4          Carol service, 18th December. The service will have the same format as last year (a ‘village’ event, with representatives from village institutions playing a part).

12.5          Carol singing: this is not fixed yet. It is inclined to put a lot of strain on a few people! Provisionally the 16th and 19th December were suggested.

13. Dates for future meetings

Three future meetings were arranged: 12th September, 29th October and 2nd December. Julie and Wilf gave apologies in advance for the 12thSeptember. We were invited to have the meeting on the 29th October in Julie’s house. The meeting gratefully accepted.

14. AOB

14.1          (Trish) ‘Church Watch’ will be co-ordinated with Neighbourhood Watch.

14.2          (Chris) The Draycott Charities (chairman: Graham Brown) have written to ask us for a representative, in the continued absence of a vicar. Richard will reply and represent us.

14.3          (Wilf) Are we considering a barbecue for fundraising this year? JC- not this year, but already fixed for 20th June 2003.

15. Closing prayer

The meeting was closed by Richard with a prayer.


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