Minutes of the Parochial Church Council, St. Peter’s Draycott

Held on 01/05/2002 at 8 p.m. in the church.


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1. Opening prayers. 1

2. Attendance and apologies. 1

3. Minutes of meeting on 10/04/2002. 1

4. Minutes of meeting on 14/04/2002. 1

5. Matters arising from the minutes. 1

6. Fabric report 2

7. Finance report 2

8. Report on repair & refurbishment fund raising committee. 2

9. School report 2

10. Website report 2

11. Other business. 2

12. Closing prayer 3


1. Opening prayers

Richard Dingley opened the meeting with a prayer, and took the chair.


2. Attendance and apologies



Julie Brown

Wendy Cartwright

John Cartwright


Trish Corrick


Richard Dingley


Sylvia Dingley


Chris Green


Colette Jeff


Wilf Lacey


Audrey Morgan


Thea Oliver


Victor Skinner



3. Minutes of meeting on 10/04/2002

The minutes were agreed as correct, and signed.

4. Minutes of meeting on 14/04/2002

The minutes were agreed as correct, and signed.

(NB. these were the minutes of the very brief meeting immediately following the ACPM).

5. Matters arising from the minutes

(arising from meetings prior to 10/04/2002)

8.2       (Vacancy) Nothing to report.

(arising from meeting of 10/04/2002)

7.6              (Handling of envelopes for tax purposes). Richard Dingley to inform Sidesmen of our decision.

9.4              (Teacher interviews). To take place tomorrow.

(arising from meeting of 14/04/2002)

We should go over the report of the APCM at our next meeting. If we leave it to the next APCM we may not get around to discussing important matters which were raised.
ACTION: Chris to put together a full report on the APCM to circulate before the next PCC meeting.

We should reserve some time during a Sunday morning service to thank members of the PCC and others who contribute their time to the life of the church.
ACTION: Richard and Thea will discuss further.

6. Fabric report

(Richard Dingley - Nothing to report)

7. Finance report

(Separate sheet circulated by John in absence of Wendy Cartwright)

8. Report on repair & refurbishment fund raising committee.

(Vic Skinner)

8.1              We held a meeting on the 15th April of the fundraising committee, which Richard also attended.

8.2              Timing of repairs- we should finish the roof of the nave by the end of the year.

8.3              Costs- with redecoration, we will need about £32,000.  We have about half of this at present.

8.4              Patron- we cannot afford to wait for a new incumbent, so must find another suitable person to be the patron of the fundraising drive.  One suggestion was the Lord Lieutenant of Somerset, currently Lady Gas.

8.5              Proposal- appeal to be launched at the next church fete, and asking Lady Gas (or another patron) both to open the fete and launch the appeal.  (There then followed a discussion on whether we were having a fete- this would be investigated).

8.6              The next fundraising initiative was the auction of promises (to be held at the forthcoming Jubilee celebrations). We still need more promises to sell!

8.7              The Cheddar Male Voice Choir have been booked for mid summer in 2004. We need a second act to go with them- should we find one, or will they? .

8.8              We had previously booked midsummer 2003 for the CMVC- it was suggested that we retain the booking, and have another event.  Any suggestions?  NB. Maureen proposes a barn dance for March 2003, so we should think of something else.

8.9              The next meeting of this committee is to be held on May 8th.

8.10          The meeting thanked Vic and his committee for their hard work.

9. School report

(Thea Oliver)

9.1              We continue to hold assemblies each fortnight.

9.2              There is a strong field of candidates for the new post. A number of the applicants are Christians.

10. Website report

(Chris Green)

10.1          The website went live in the week before the APCM, and it has received some publicity in the Newsletter.  I have had a number of comments, which have been very positive. Some improvements have been suggested.

10.2          One criticism which I have had from a Christian who is unconnected with our church concerned the absence of material from Rodney Stoke, which made the website appear rather lopsided.  I have added a message to the RS part of the site saying ‘work in progress’ (to emphasise that this is a temporary state of affairs).

10.3          A further criticism (from the same person) was that there was no ‘mission statement’ in the website, which might communicate what the church was about (apart from fundraising and getting a new incumbent). We should think of what to say about ourselves, that is pithy and which we could all sign up to, but was not as meaningless as are many mission statements!

10.4          A further thing we should do is to put together a page of charities which we support, together with Web links. This may also help to show that we are not wholly in-turned.

10.5          The meeting expressed their appreciation for the work that has gone into the Website so far.

11. Other business.

11.1          Christian aid week is the 12th – 18th May. All the village has now been covered by collectors.  NB. We have already raised £107.60 from the soup lunch.

11.2          We have had a meeting to discuss a fete, and this has been enthusiastically backed.  The theme will be ‘Kings and Queens’, and we shall have it some time in July. We should ask to use the school.

11.3          The school will be having their own fete in June, so we must leave a decent interval between them.

11.4          Maureen is prepared to organise the fete, if asked to do so.  Richard will approach her, although it may also be appropriate for Chris to write an official letter from the PCC.

11.5          Special services:

·        Harvest: 6th October is possible. Will co-ordinate with Rodney Stoke.

·        Remembrance Sunday.  The British Legion have booked the hall on the 10th November.

·        Christmas: this year it falls on a Wednesday.  We should start planning an Advent study group- and ecumenical one would be preferable.
ACTION: Richard will ask at the next Cheddar fraternal.

·        Christingle- should this be in November? NB. it does not necessarily have to be associated with Christmas.

·        The carol service could be done on the same lines as last year, with the emphasis on involving the village. The favourite day for this was the 15th December.

·        Next Thursday- Ascension.

·        Next Sunday Evening worship will be led by the Cheddar Christian Fellowship youth band. Thea will invite a number of the younger members of the parishes.

11.6          John Cartwright said that Claire Sweeting had not heard from us in acknowledgement of the gifts made from the collection at her mother’s funeral, in March 2001. This omission has only just come to light this year.
ACTION: Chris Green to write a letter, both with thanks and apologies for the delay.

11.7          Date of future meetings.  Next PCC: Monday 17th June, 8 p.m. in the church.

12. Closing prayer

The meeting was closed by Richard with a prayer.


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