Appendix: audited accounts 2001

1. Independent Examiner’s Report to the PCC of St Peter’s Church  Draycott.


This report on the accounts of the PCC for the year ended 31st December 2001 is in respect of an examination carried out under Regulation 3[3] of the Church Accounting Regulations 1997 and Section 43 of the Charities Act 1993.

Respective responsibilities of trustees and examiner

the members of the PCC your are responsible for the preparation of the accounts; you consider that the audit requirements of Regulation 3[3] of the Church Accounting Regulations 1997 and Section 43 of the Charities Act 1993 [the Act] do not apply. It is my responsibility to issue this report on those accounts in accordance with the terms of Regulation 25 of the Church Accounting Regulations 1997 and Regulation 7 of the Charities [Accounts and Reports] Regulations 1995.

Basis of independent examiner’s report

My examination was carried out in accordance with the General Directions given by the Charity Commission under section 43[7][b] of the Act and to be found in the guidance from the CBF. That examination includes a review of the accounting records kept by the PCC and a comparison of the accounts with those records. It also includes considering any unusual items or disclosures in the accounts and seeking explanations from you as trustees concerning any such matters. The procedures undertaken do not provide all the evidence that would be required in an audit, and consequently I don not express an audit opinion on the view given by the accounts.

Independent examiner’s statements

In connection with my examination, no matter has come to my attention:

[1] which gives me reasonable cause to believe that in any material respoct the requirements to keep accounting records in accordance with section 41 of the Act have not been met; or

[2] to which, in my opinion, attention should be drawn in order to enable a proper understanding of the accounts to be reached.

Mr. W. Bernard Wood
Quaish Cottage
North Wooton
Shepton Mallet, Somerset

8th April 2002

2. Financial Statement for year to 31/12/02: General Fund Receipts & Payments a/c

St. Peter's Annual Parocial Church Meeting

14th April 2002

1. Opening prayer

Richard Dingley opened the meeting with a prayer, and took the chair.

2. Apologies for absence

Apologies were received from:

The Rural Dean, Victor Daley
Rita Skinner
Morgan Oliver

At the start of the meeting there were 13 people present.

3. Vestry meeting for election of Church Wardens

For this part of the meeting, Graham Brown took the chair.

Only two nominations for the post of Church Warden had been received: Richard Dingley, and Thea Oliver (the current post holders).   The two candidates were therefore declared elected.

Richard Dingley resumed the chair after the vestry meeting, with thanks to Graham Brown.

4. Confirmation of minutes from meeting on 22nd April 2001

The minutes were confirmed as a true and accurate account of the previous APCM (proposed: Collette Jeff; seconded Wendy Cartwright; motion passed, nem. con.)

5. Matters arising

Graham Brown asked for the attendance count as well as the electoral roll to be reported this year.

6. Electoral Roll

Presented by Richard Dingley (Electoral Roll Officer)

During 2001 four people resigned from the Roll, and there were six new members.  An increase of two on the year and a total of 50 at the end of the year.

The new Roll for 2002-2008 has been drawn up with 55 members by the closing date two weeks ago.  The Roll will be reopened after this meeting when further additions can be made.  A copy of this new roll is on the notice board in the church porch.                                                                            

7. Annual Report on PCC proceedings by the Secretary

presented by Chris Green, Secretary

The PCC this year said goodbye to one member, Sara Hall, and welcomed two new ones: Victor Skinner, and Tricia Corrick.  (Actually Tricia had merely been having a holiday of a couple of years, as she is certainly the longest-standing PCC member we have!)  This meant that after John Hall left, we once again had 12 members. We met eight times in the year, in May, June, August, September, November, January, February and April. Our most sombre meeting was on the evening of September 11th, when Richard led us in prayers for the bereaved from the terrorist outrages in the US.

Several events have shaped our year.

v      John Hall’s leaving

Richard will say more about this in the Pastoral report. I would note here that the PCC have greatly appreciated the leadership provided by John Hall. Naturally, in an interregnum the PCC now has greater responsibilities, although much of this has fallen on the shoulders of the two Church Wardens.

v      Foot and Mouth disease

Whilst this was an evident disaster for the farming community, last year’s outbreak also had its consequences for us. The PCC cancelled two events which had been planned: the church fete, and a fundraising barbecue.  This has reduced our income significantly in the year over what it might have been.

v      Roof repairs

The roof repair will be covered in other reports, but I note in passing that this is much the biggest project we have tackled in the time that I have been at the parish. It has already taken much of our financial reserves, and it has caused us to embark on some serious fundraising. To this end, a new subcommittee has been set up, to organise fundraising and report back to the PCC. This is chaired by Victor Skinner.


In our meeting with the archdeacon the part played by the world wide web in the job seeking market was mentioned several times, and the PCC decided that it was high time for us to move into the 21st century and have our own website. I put together a draft site for the approval of the PCC, and a Web group of four people (myself, Richard Dingley, Julie Brown and Victor Skinner) was given the task of overseeing its content on behalf of the PCC.  You are invited to visit the site, at - please feel free to pass on any comments.   We hope that it will be extended and improved over the coming year.

8. Annual Financial report

presented by Wendy Cartwright, Treasurer

We started the year with a bank balance of £1041.64 credit having allowed for any outstanding cheques, issued but not yet presented.  We have ended the year with a balance of £591.85 credit, again allowing for cheques issued but not yet presented.  However, whilst finalising the accounts I realised that there were some debts outstanding from earlier in the year, two were specific charity collections which had never been forwarded and the third was the bill from Chedburn for the Quinqennial Report.  These total some £618.00 and will now show in the accounts for 2002, and it doesn’t take a genius in mathematics to see that had these bills been paid at the right time we would have had a debit balance at the end of the year.  Perhaps it is a blessing in disguise that I slipped up!

The Foot and Mouth epidemic stopped our plans for fund raising and seriously affected our income, so for the second year running we have failed to pay our full Parish Share. Our outgoings would have been extremely in excess of our income if we had paid the full amount and also would have used most of our Unrestricted Reserves.  

These include a legacy received during 2001 which is for “Upkeep of the church”, usually interpreted as being for general refurbishment and not for paying the Parish Share. As it is our outgoings were slightly in excess of our income.  We need to start the next phase of the Roof repairs before the end of the summer and this will take all our reserves, both in the Roof Fund and the General Fund. The Diocesan Office has been advised of our situation.  

The balance in the Central Board of Finance Investment Fund as at 31 December 2001 was £8879.16, the majority of this having come from the legacy previously mentioned.  We have split the Roof fund from the General Fund during 2001 and this stands at £5481.46.  Under the terms of the Charities Act 1993 these monies MUST be spent on the Roof and cannot be used for any other purpose.

The Carol Singing was again a totally foot-patrol event and managed to raise £149.72 and £150 has been sent to two charities, the Tear Fund and the South West Children’s Hospice.

The magazine continues to pay for itself and provide a small profit for our funds.  Thank you to Julie Brown for her efforts in producing this, and  getting and keeping advertisers in the magazine

Thanks to our Covenant secretary’s efforts our income from return of income tax was again increased on the previous year by some £150, however this was offset by the fact that income from the interest on funds invested with the Central Board of Finance was again reduced by some £265 which I can only attribute to the low Bank Rate.  The Covenant Secretary will no doubt give you an overview of the planned giving situation.

The outgoings under Buildings Maintenance consist of some necessary repairs to the plumbing and also the electricity supply to the kitchen and other parts of the church in order to comply with new regulations.  However, I feel that it was money well spent as it turned out the electricity supply was well overdue for major overhaul.

The Flower Fund is still in existence but has not really been utilised this last year; however there is still a balance of £15 in the account.

Without a resident Vicar it has been extra hard for your PCC to keep our church going and I feel that everyone has pulled together extremely well.  Please continue to give us your support as it seems there is not going to be an easy solution.  

That is all from me but if you have any questions I shall be happy to answer them to the best of my ability.

9. Audited accounts of the PCC for 2001

presented by Wendy Cartwright, Treasurer

Bank Balances

Bank Account

Balance on 9/04/2002

General Account

£651.92 credit

Roof Fund Account

£424.87 credit

Flower Fund Account

£15.06 credit


Central Board of Finance Accounts

Balance on 9/04/2002

General Investment fund

£8879.16 credit

Roof Fund Investment fund

£6476.59 credit

(For full details, please refer to the Appendix).

Additional comments and discussion-

(Wendy) There were 3 items overlooked; including them would have put us into debit (just).

(question from floor) Why have clergy expenses gone up, when we have not had an incumbent for much of the year?

(Wendy) These are expenses incurred from payments to visiting clergy. We have been told to put them through our accounts, although they are all reimbursed to us (we have been told to put this into ‘grants’).

(from floor) Graham Brown said that he hoped the Parish Share was our number one priority.

(Chris Green)  We are not in a position to make this an automatic priority- as a PCC, we have to manage competing claims on our limited finances. From time to time, other expenses may take precedence in the short term.

The accounts were accepted by the meeting (proposed: Thea Oliver; seconded, Julie Brown).

Wendy was thanked by the meeting for all her hard work in managing our finances and producing these excellent reports.

10. Report on Fabric, Goods and Ornaments of the church

Presented by Richard Dingley (Church Warden)

During the year under review the first stage of the roof repairs were completed thus completing the North side of the nave, the north transept and the toilet area.  The remainder needs to be completed as soon as the necessary funds are in hand and we hope to complete the south side of the nave this year.

A report has been received from the Council on the state of the walls bounding the churchyard.  There is only some minor work to be done which they are responsible for.  A survey of the trees will shortly be undertaken so that correct remedial action can be taken and the avenue from the wicket gate pollarded.  There is a move for Mendip Council to return the churchyard management to the Parish Council but it has been pointed out that if this proceeds they must first complete all necessary and outstanding work and hand it over in good condition.

The bell ropes need replacing after one of the fittings broke.  A temporary repair has been made as the correct rope was not available at the time.  The repair should be completed while the scaffolding is up for the next stage of the roof repair.

There is nothing to report on the goods and ornaments which are in good order following the repair of hymn and prayer books early in the year.

11. Report on Deanery Synod

Presented by Julia Brown, Deanery Synod representative

Attending Deanery Synods during each calendar season has been worthwhile.  I particularly mention the seasons, because the Axbridge Deanery includes churches in countryside, town and one almost in the sea.  During the dark nights it is an adventure not only find the church but also the open church door!

Safely inside, the welcome is warm and nearly always the church is too. Coffee, tea and biscuits; sandwiches too,  restore concentration and kind ladies are thanked for their trouble.  The incumbent looks relaxed and is pleased to find the positive in his parish, which he shares with members and visitors alike.  We were told about the grant received to help planting out fragrant gardens for the public to enjoy near his church.

We listen to the financial situation - a couple of years ago quietly sympathising with late payers of the Parish Share and counting our blessings.  Even thinking, oh dear! when parishes were mentioned for leaving others to bear the debts, so retired clergy would receive their pensions.  This year we sadly joined the non-payers- hopefully not for long.

Subjects for speakers have included: matrimonial divorce, followed by charitable discussion; the Mothers Union and its work abroad;  the plight of African poverty, mainly due to Aids;  the Media  exploited for the good by a worldly Bishop; and lately, the struggle of our Somerset farmers.

A reminder- parishioners are welcome too at these Deanery Synods

12. Fundraising and refurbishment report

Presented by Vic Skinner, chair of fundraising and refurbishment committee

v     The Target

It has taken a few weeks to determine the extent of the work to be carried out and the amount of money that must be raised to pay for it. Our calculations have been based on the full survey of the roof, following the repairs to the leaking section in 2000, and the Quinquennial Report, submitted in July 2001, by the Church’s Architects, Chedburn Design and Conservation.  All of the remaining roof areas need to be relined (some urgently) and we must undertake general repairs to the internal and external fabric of the building.  The main refurbishment work is the provision of wheelchair access to the Church and toilet to meet EEC Directives on facilities for the disabled.  Other refurbishment includes a full electrical survey and renovation, a new lighting system and a hearing loop.

  The estimate for this work, including architect fees and VAT, is £86,500.  We hope to complete the project before the next quinquennial inspection in 2006.  However the architects recommend that the roof areas between the nave and south transept be relined before the end of 2002.

v     Sub-Committee for Roof Repair and Refurbishment Appeal

This sub-committee was set up to coordinate the fund raising activities for the roof repair and refurbishment of the Church. The first meeting was held in Milton House on 12th.September, 2001 and the committee has met regularly at 4-5 week intervals.

The committee aims to raise this large sum by an Appeal for Gift Aid, help from charitable institutions and by our own fund raising efforts.

v     Appeal

The most urgent task has been to prepare an Appeal Document, outlining the work to be carried out, the cost and time-scale of the project, and a plea for financial help as single donations or by covenanted Gift Aid over a 4-year period.  Apart from the inclusion of a message from the Bishop, this document is now complete.  It was presented to the PCC in the February meeting and is now ready for the Appeal Launch.  The committee agrees that the new Priest should head the Appeal and we anxiously await his appointment.

v     Grants

We have been advised that applications for grants from charitable institutions should be made after the launch of the appeal, so that we are able to demonstrate self-help.  However, we have already approached the Wyvern Environmental Trust for a Landfill Tax Grant, and they have agreed, in principle, to provide a grant of £1000 for our project.  This grant cannot be confirmed until the beginning of May when Wyvern Waste Services are due to release the money.

v     Fund-Raising

Two successful fund-raising events took place in the same week.

On Monday, 11th March, the Wells Cathedral Junior School presented an Evening of Music and Verse in the Church.  55 young people delighted an audience of nearly 100 and raised £415 for the Roof Fund.

On Saturday, 16th March,  Maureen Richardson, her family and friends organized a French Evening in the Memorial Hall.  Over 90 guests enjoyed French food, wine, music and dancing.  This event raised over £800.

v     Forthcoming events (known at this stage):

Auction of Promises at the Jubilee Celebrations at the Memorial Hall on June 3rd.

Musical Evening by Barry Rose in the Christmas season of 2002 – date to be confirmed.

Cheddar Male Choir – fully booked for 2003 but we are hoping to confirm Midsummer 2004 for this event.

My thanks to the committee of John Cartwright, Owen Spencer, Maureen Richardson and Dee Grayling for their hard work and support at the beginning of this venture.  I am also indebted to Fay Wilson-Rudd for her help and advice.


(from the floor) The view was expressed by Graham Brown, supported by several others, that we should consider whether it was worthwhile to spend so much money on repairing our ageing building. Would it not make more sense to use another, existing village building? We could for example use the school  hall for regular weekly services, and hire the village hall for larger services.

Richard Dingley on behalf of the PCC agreed that this issue would be debated at the earliest opportunity. We should only go into a fundraising appeal if we were fully committed to it.

Appreciation was expressed for all the hard work that Vic and the fundraising committee had already put into its task.  The questions in the meeting about investigating alternatives should not detract from this!

13. Other reports

13.1     Covenants

Presented by John Cartwright, Covenant Secretary

I am pleased to report that St Peter’s is still getting support from the residents of this lovely village.  For the past financial year we have had 44 Covenants and Declarations.

We have good support for Lois Dingley’s project to Nepal .  We have had a total of £500 pledged by Declaration and with the refund from the Inland Revenue of £141.02 this makes a total of £641.02p

As mentioned earlier, we have 44 Covenants and Declarations and these have produced the following sums:-




Covenants & Declarations






Tax due back from the Revenue









These figures may give a false impression as £9726.92 includes £641.02 for support of Lois, and the refund of £2117.92 has yet to be confirmed by the Inland Revenue.

The appreciation of the meeting was expressed for all the hard work John has put into increasing covenant giving.

13.2     School

Presented by Thea Oliver, school governor

As many of you will have seen the building work is complete. The overall building costs did indeed exceed initial estimates. The DfEE have funded 85% of the costs but as a voluntary aided Church of England School the Governors are responsible for raising the remaining 15% approximately £70,000 +. A loan from the Diocese has been secured and staged repayments have been started on building completion. The PTA, and the wider local community including Church members are continuing to be very supportive, but as could be expected now that the building work is complete the need for funds is not so obvious, people not involved think that if it has been built it must have been paid for!  Fund raising is still going well, so far, but we need to keep up the momentum. Everyone in the catchment area of the school should have received the brochure about the building fund appeal. A Trust has been set up with charitable status to allow tax to be recovered by the fund if the donor is a taxpayer. We would encourage anyone, who is in a position to do so, to support this initiative in whatever way they can, through prayer, positive action, or financially; the school is not just for now but for future generations. We owe it to them to do our best; lets face it these children will be looking after us one day! Please contact the School or any of the Governors if you would like more information.

Now that each class is settled in its own room the staff and children are continuing to work on the new National Curriculum, literacy and numeracy hours, school development plan, and special needs are being met against a background of constant change, new directives seem to come out from Government regularly, causing yet more “hoops” for staff and students to jump through.

Staff changes have inevitably occurred with some support staff moving on and new members appointed. There is soon to be a change in the teaching staff as with some adjusting of hours to allow certain members of staff to have more time for their families, and for the head teacher to have more flexible administration time. A junior teaching post has been advertised and interviews will be taking place in late April/early May.

Everyone involved at the School appreciates the support received from Church members, and the link between Church and School is very important. During the interregnum, it continues to be imperative that members of our Church Community keep up contact with, and supports the School in any way we can. This will help us continue the excellent work and links already made. Fortnightly Church assemblies during term time continue on Wednesday mornings at 9.15, led by a variety of people, from churches in the area; the response to this has been positive. The school joined us for Harvest celebrations, the Christingle service and Mothering Sunday services.

We continue to support each other with fundraising by advertising each other’s events at school & at Church. Everyone involved at school has been invited to the monthly evening services held at St Peter’s as this is hoped to be a prayer & praise service, led by members of Cheddar Valley community Church, suited to all ages and denominations, early response is encouraging.

13.3          Parish Newsletter

Presented by Julia Brown, Parish Newsletter Editor

Draycott Parish Magazine continues to appear regularly every month, and as Editor I would like to thank Mrs Heather Robinson for  collating and stapling pages into completed magazines and counting into piles for kind collectors and taking piles up to church!  Also Mr and Mrs Philip Franklin, who call at my home promptly at 8.50 am to take copy and paper to the Kings of Wessex reprographic department. And to pick up piles of print to leave with Heather!

I thank everyone for contributions and to Richard Dingley for typing readings and the diary, which had been part of the Editor's lot for many a year.

Aware that families have given much money towards the school and village hall, the magazine has remained the same price for the last three years. Advertisements add to our small yearly profit by a welcome £250 annum.

The meeting recorded its thanks and appreciation to Julie for all her hard work in editing the Parish Newsletter

13.4          Sunday Club.

Report presented by Thea Oliver, Church Warden

Children and their families are very welcome at St Peter’s.

We have books & paper and games ready for any children who attend our services and we keep a clear areas of carpeted floor towards the back of the Church for younger children to sit & play quietly.

Since the last AGM a number of changes have taken place in relation to Sunday Club.

v      Children of Church members are growing up!

v       Two teenagers have been confirmed and therefore should attend services.

v      Sara Hall, who was the mainstay of the Sunday Club, has moved to Southmead, with John.

v      My duties as Church Warden make it difficult for me to be involved directly with any children who arrive at Church.  However, this happens very infrequently (unfortunately).

v      Previous Sunday Club leaders have other commitments now or have retired! Volunteers always welcome!

Our Sunday Club is advertised in the Parish magazine, at School and by word of mouth and should children arrive they are welcomed and we have all the equipment to restart Sunday Club at very short notice should a family join us.

It is very difficult to plan anything in these circumstances, and I would be very grateful if someone could volunteer to help out specifically with children and young people as I am sure that the day will come when our Sunday Club is needed again and we really must be ready to meet that need.

Other local Churches have thriving youth groups and services and at the moment some of our youngsters attend these, but not all do, so it would be lovely to start something similar in Draycott.

The monthly evening services of praise & worship have been started with recently confirmed youngsters in mind. They have been, and continue to be, invited to these services as it is hoped that they will become involved in planning and participating in this ‘all age’ worship. I feel very strongly that this is a group of people we should reach, encourage and involve in the life of the Church. We have supported them to confirmation then the pattern seems to be that they slip away from Church; there are so many pressures on young people today we owe it to them to continue that support. This is not something that one person can do alone it is important that we are all involved at whatever level we can. If we stand back and watch our younger members drift away, there will be no one left to continue the work we have all been doing. So please look into your hearts and support each other in whatever way you can, please pray for children and their families, pray that leaders and helpers will come forward, and if you can please offer yourself, the benefits outweigh any difficulties.

The meeting thanked Thea for all her work over Sunday Club, as well as the other initiatives mentioned.

13.5          Diocesan Synod

Presented by Sylvia Dingley (Diocesan Synod representative)

(not submitted as a written report)

Sylvia described how the meetings were invariably instructive, and often entertaining. She emphasised that they were open to anyone, not just the appointed representatives. For each session, there was a speaker who addressed some wider concern, and there was often lively discussion around this topic. Sylvia would recommend attendance to anyone in the parish!

14. Pastoral Report

Presented by Richard Dingley (Church Warden)

The major change in the circumstances of the parish was the transfer of our Vicar, Revd. John Hall, to St. Stephen’s Church in Southmead in July.  The resultant interregnum still continues.

During the period January to June the weekly Communion Service was continued and there was a Lent Study course arranged within the parish.  Over the Easter period the Benefice Passover meal was again celebrated at which the parish said farewell to Lois Dingley who was leaving the next week for Nepal.  The guest speaker was Philip Kearney of the International Nepal Fellowship who spoke about the work that Lois would be doing.  Good Friday Meditations were also held at St. Leonard’s.

 We said farewell to John and Sara Hall with a supper held in the church and presented John and Sara with an engraved pewter candlestick of an unusual design.  A similar stick was presented by Rodney Stoke.

During the second half of the year the regular Sunday Service has continued and we were and are fortunate that Revds. Ernest and Dorothy Green have been able to celebrate for us on a regular basis.  They have been assisted mainly by Revd. Bernard Salmon and Canon Peter Long, as well as the Rural Dean, Preb. Victor Daley.  Guest celebrants and preachers have included Revd. Sue Allman, John Hall’s curate at St. Stephens and the Revd. Ng Theen Soon from The Good Samaritan Church in Kota Kinabalu, in the Diocese of Sabah when he visited with his wife.

Harvest Festival was celebrated with a speaker from the Julian Trust explaining their work throughout the year.  All the produce donated at the service was given to the trust as in previous years. The service was followed by a Harvest Lunch held in the church which was a great success.

For Remembrance Sunday the service was held in the New Memorial Hall and during the service plaques were dedicated for in memory of those who served from Rodney Stoke.  There was a large congregation and it seemed a fitting place to hold such a joint Benefice gathering to remember those who fell in the service of our country.

The Christingle service was held at the end of November and led by Archdeacon Dick Acworth who gave a memorable talk.   Advent seemed very short this year with Christmas falling at the beginning of the week.  We therefore held only two study evenings.  The carol service was also held during Advent and followed the tradition lessons and carols.  This year it was made a village event with readers being invited from various institutions and organisations.

During this current year, 2002, an informally structured monthly worship and praise service has been held on the last Sunday of the month.  This has been appreciated by those attending but we hope that more, particularly younger people, will join us.

The meeting expressed its thanks to the Churchwardens, on whom much of the extra burden falls in an interregnum.  They are both doing an excellent job, and we are delighted that they are staying in post to carry on the work.

15. Election of Deanery Synod representatives for 2002/2003

There were two nominees for the Deanery Synod: Sylvia Dingley, and Julia Brown. Both agreed to be our representatives and were duly declared elected.

16. Election of PCC members for 2002/2003

The following nominations had been received for membership of the PCC.

Julie Brown

Chris Green

John Cartwright

Colette Jeff

Wendy Cartwright

Wilf Lacey

Trish Corrick

Audrey Morgan

Richard Dingley

Thea Oliver

Sylvia Dingley

Victor Skinner

All had been proposed and seconded, and all had agreed to stand; they were therefore elected en bloc.

17. Any other business

No other matters were raised

18. Closing Prayer

The meeting concluded with the Grace.








Incoming Resources from Donors







  Planned giving







  Collections and other giving







  Income Tax recovered







Other Voluntary Incoming Resources







Donations  (201)







Donations (202)







Fund Raising














Income from Investments







  Bank Interest







  CBF Investment Account Interest







  3.5% War Stock Dividends














Income from Charitable & Ancillary Trading







  Sale of magazine (403)







  Fees (404)







  Sale of church books, cards etc (401)














Insurance Claims & Other Income







(602) Sale of Assets





















Restricted Receipts







(100) Roof Fund







(101) Fabric Repairs from CBF A/c







(107) Flower Fund







(201) Disaster Appeals & specific Charity Collections







(202) Youth Work














Total Receipts




























  (1001) Church Overseas







  (1002) Relief & Development Agencies Overseas







  (1003) Home Missions & other church societies







  (1004) Secular charities







Activities directly relating to the work of the church







  Parish Share







  Clergy Expenses







  Upkeep of Church







  Upkeep of Services







Magazine costs







Printing of cards & booklets                     o.oo







  Glebe rent







  Buildings Maintenance







  Sunday Club/Youth Work (2017)







  Organist & Verger (2016)







  Deanery Fees







Fund Raising & Church Administration







  Fund raising costs - general







                                - roof fund







  Church administration














Restricted Funds







Flower Fund







Roof Repairs







To New Bank A/c designated Roof Fund







  To CBF Investment Fund re - Roof







                                                 - Fabric














Total Payments








3. Flower Fund Balance Sheet 2001





Bank Interest








Flowers by request




Bank Account Balance at 01/01/01


Excess Payments over Receipts


Bank Account Balance at 31/12/01


4. Financial Statement for year to 31 December 2002:
Roof fund receipts and payments account




Incoming Resources from Donors






 Fund Raising



Income from Investments



 Bank Interest



 Total Receipts












 Transfers to Designated CBF Deposit Fund






 Total Payments






 Bank Account Opened 05/03/01



 Bank Balance at 31/12/01






 CBF Deposit Fund Designated Roof Fund



 Account Opened 31 May 2001



 Transfer from CBF Deposit fund 601181001



 Transfers from Roof Fund account for year



 Interest applied for year






 Total receipts for year




5. Roof Fund balance sheet







 Bank Interest




 £   472.41


 Fund Raising






 Total Receipts












 Transfers to Designated CBF Deposit Fund






 Total Payments






 Bank Account Opened 05/03/01



 Excess Receipts over Payments



 Bank Balance at 31/12/01






 CBF Deposit Fund Designated Roof Fund



 Account Opened 31 May 2001



 Transfer from CBF Deposit fund 601181001



 Transfers from Roof Fund account for year



 Interest applied for year

 £     99.96





 Total receipts for year




6. Statement of Assets & Liabilities as at 31 December 2001












Monetary Assets














CBF Investment account







Bank Current Account







Total Cash Assets














Other Assets







3.5% War Stock Capital £34.25







Value at 04/01/02  £24.10














Bank Account Balance at 01/01/00







Excess Payments over Receipts














Bank Account Balance at 31/12/01














Flower Fund Balance at 31/12/01







Roof Fund Balance at 31/12/01




























Charity Collections - money still held







Gas Bill







Chedburn re Quinquennial report